Wednesday, March 07, 2012

5 Reasons I May Loose My Mind Today and 5 Reasons I Probably Won't

 Five Reasons I May Loose My Mind Today
1. I feel way behind since my surgery...both in work life and home life. Now that I'm back up and around, I see how much I let go while I wasn't feeling well before my surgery (which was for quite awhile). I'm trying to get back in the routine and back on track with so may projects, it's ridiculous. I need to slow down and take it a few projects at a time.

2. Taxes. Math and I do not play well together. True, I have my taxes done by an accountant but I still prepare and log all of my purchase, expenses, sales, etc for her. Because I leave way to much of it go until the last minute, the past few days have been been filled with too many numbers and spreadsheets. I'd rather be making something then working in excel.

3. The girls are on a Peter Pan kick. All of their tv time (which is a bit more then usual right now because of the weather) is Peter Pan. If it isn't the original Peter Pan movie, it is Peter Pan Returns. If it isn't Peter Pan returns, it is Jake and the Neverland Pirates. Yay, something different. Oh wait, no, it is the Jake and the Neverland Pirates Peter Pan Special. Darn.

An Instagramed photo courtesy of my four year old daughter.  She took it with my iphone while watching Peter Pan Returns, processed it, and uploaded it herself.  What was I doing at four years old?  Oh yeah, probably eating paper or listening to my mom's cool 8-track stereo.
4. After the three floods we had last year, I'm really nervous about this spring and summer. I want to get my shop prepared in csae we have a bad fluke year this year like 2011. Ideally, I would like to be able to be uber-orangzied so that if we do have to move the contents of my shop again it isn't such a big chore. That means a lot of dead weight has to be purged. That goes along with the decluttering I've been trying to do in all aspects of my life. I've really been drawn to the minimalist way of life and have been slowly working towards it...or at least towards a semi minimalistic life. I'm a realist. With two four year olds and a husband who still can't part with most of his boyhood treasures, I know the best I can do is hope for a semi-minimal life.

5. The girls will be going to preschool this fall. School. It is starting. I'm loosing my babies. We attended an education fair last weekend to get some information on different preschools and the various private and charter grade schools in the area. It made it real. I think we've chosen our preschool. That feels good. I'm just going round in circles as to what the best option is for the girls when it comes to kindergarten and grade school.

 Five Reasons I Probably Won't Loose My Mind Today
1. The sun is coming. I've been looking forward to turning the clocks ahead ever since we turned them back. This makes me so happy, I think I'll bake a cake for the occasion.

2. I've been making our summer vacation travel and trip plans. It is exciting to have something to look forward to. We will be going to our usual vacation beach spot this summer again. I do a lot of fancy talking about trying new places but it does feel good to have a usual vacation spot. It is like a second home.  We know the best places to eat, where to get the best ice cream, the best grocery store to shop at, the best bakery for overpriced cupcakes.....wait, why do all my fond vacation memories revolve around food?  I think the girls are old enough now for a mountain/hiking/lake vacation this year so I'm looking into some various cabins and state parks that are close enough for some short getaways.

3. I'm just about fully back to my self since the surgery. That means I don't need to watch how I move anymore. I'm free! I still can't lift the girls all the way up to hold them at my hip, butI can lift them enough to move them if I need if I need to physically remove them from each other.

 4. I should be able to finish my taxes today! Then, all I have to do is get my husband motivated to prepare his and no more numbers for a whole year!  Well, not quite, but a girl can dream.

5. There are buds on the Bradford Pear in front of my living room window. This makes me think of shaggy green grass, falling white petals, chirping birds, puffy white cloud filled skies, and the scent of spring flowers on the breeze. I love spring with an absolute passion.

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