Saturday, February 09, 2013

Such a LOVEly Month

For many, February is the month of love.  Funny, before kids, my husband and I never really celebrated Valentine's Day.  We exchanged cards most of the time and maybe used it as an excuse to see a movie, but we never really put much emphasis on it.  Now we have our twin girls who are very nearly five years old and I have to say that Valentine's Day is almost their favorite holiday.  It just about outshines Christmas for them.  I think it is a funny little quirk. Cupid leaves them a note each, hanging by their bed and then he hides pink and red Hershey Kisses around the house for them to find.  They talk about it all year...seriously. 

So, for their love of the holiday that celebrates love, this month's Scents of the Month guessed it...inspired by all things Valentine's Day. 

Chocolate Rose Cream
Smooth vanilla beans infused with elegant rose essence and folded into a sweet cream all in fine gourmet chocolate.

Airy whisps of sugar, hints of ripe blackberry bushes, the mingling of pink candy lollipops and pure vanilla, with just a touch of sheer musk bring visions of the sweet innocence of that first crush on a summer day.

Just a Kiss
Hot summer nights on the boardwalk, at a carnival, or under a simple street light are always the perfect place for little stolen kisses and uncontrollable giggles. Outgoing and fun, a flirty blend of jasmine and orange peels, warm sandalwood, emerald ferns, shimmering white florals, bluebells, and sheer musk.

Sugar Rose
Inspired by a recipe for rose sugar cookies, Sugar Rose is delicate rosewater, moist raw sugar cane, crispy cookie crumbs with just a touch of wildflower honey and tropical fruit nectar.
These February Scents of the Month will be available (while supplies last) through February 28th and can be found in my main shop here or my Etsy shop here

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