Saturday, February 14, 2015

The Loveliest Day Winners

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!   I got so involved with our activities here like making heart shaped pizzas, baking strawberry cookies, transforming the girls bedroom into a jungle to make a realistic environment for their new dollar store stuffed monkeys complete with paper vine hammocks, paper jaguars, and paper spider webs (you know typical Valentine's Day stuff :) ) that I lost track of time.

I'm happy to announce (and the girls were more than than thrilled to pick) the winners who will each receive a $30 gift credit to my shop.  Congrats Mary and Pat C.!   Ladies, please send an email to me and let me know if you'd like your credit to my main shop or my Etsy shop.  Thanks so much everyone for all the wonderful comments!!


Pat C. said...

Oh, my! I can't believe that I was one of the winners! (Congratulations, Mary!)

I am so excited... truly. For several years, budgetary constraints have limited me to drugstore soap, and bath and body products, so I am going to have a ball treating myself to some much-needed luxury!

Thank you, Ashlee, for sponsoring the giveaway. It was fun following the tale of Tristan and Isolde and reminiscing about my first crush!♥

Wylde Ivy said...

Pat, you're so very welcome! Thank you so much for playing along! I'm happy you're happy!
Thanks again!

Pat C. said...

Hi, Ashlee! Did you receive the email I sent you via the link on Sunday? (Not that I'm anxious to place my order or anything - hehehe!)

Thanks again!