Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Just some Wednesday Pictures!

I just had to snap a few pictures of the batches of soap that were being prepared to be cut into the individual bars. Who doesn't love a hefty 15 pound block of soap!

Here is the newest Deli Soap, Pumpkin & Spice.

This is the beloved Sugared Mint soon to be 48 individual bars of soap!


Anonymous said...

As always, these soaps are absolutely stunning. You are truly talented and very creative with your products. Thanks for the sneek peak.

Amber said...

These look amazing! I shouldn't have checked the blog, now I'll need to prepare to make an order when these are released!

Anonymous said...

Oh Ashlee the Pumpkin & Spice looks so yummy! I can't wait until it is on the site!

Bec (becki_babe)

Anonymous said...


Will there be anymore soaps to come? An Ice Princess Soap?

Anonymous said...

Oh how beautiful!! The swirls on top of the sugared peppermint is just lovely. I'm so glad I got a bar of this soap! I love the scent too!

Wylde Ivy said...

Thanks so much everyone! I just love making soap! It's been a little harder these days to get it made, as I am on weight restrictions for how much I can safely lift. I have to wait to make soap now when there is someone available who can help do the lifting and grunt work part of my job :)

Yes! I have actually quite a few new batches curing now. Sadly, Ice Princess is not one of the scents. The Ice Princess scent does not do well in Cold Process soap. The scent looses most of its delicate qualities and fades quite a bit. It really can be a challenge finding scents that stay true and strong during the soapmaking process.

I am actually working on testing Bodywashes again to possibly add to my line. Addin bodywahes would be one way to offer some of the scents that don’t do well in Cold Process soap…like Ice Princess, Marshmallow Gingerbread, Fairy Wings, Sticky, etc. Of coarse, adding a new product involves lots of testing to be sure the scents will be compatible with the new formula so I can’t say for sure if or when the Bodywashes will be a definite “go”.

Anonymous said...

Wow body washes would be lovely!

Bec (becki_babe)