Tuesday, October 09, 2007

New Product Updates

I was originally planning to list the products I mentioned in the October 4th blog post on the website today. As it turns out, I have gotten quite a few more products finished...like Ice Princess and Mint Truffle Body Polish, Brown Sugar Cream and Amber Chai Lotions, Monoi Sudz, and a couple of batches of Aroma Melts in Winter scents. I decided to hold off on adding to the website until I could include everything that was recently made. Hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to make even more new products and then spend Thursday listing the new products.

The new Scent of the Month will be listed along with the new products. Since so many of you asked what this month's scent is, I'll give you a little hint. For some reason, I feel like I already announced the new scent.

Scrub Bars seem to be on every one's minds right now. I'm really tyring to get these stocked for the season, but the weather here in PA is just not cooperating. It has been 85 degrees for the at least the last week. Cool weather is supposed to be on the way, so I hope to get plugging away on the Scrub Bar inventory as soon as it cools down enough.

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