Friday, July 11, 2008

I survived the week...

What a whirlwind week this has been! My head is still spinning. I got finished packing the sale orders from the 4th of July weekend in record time! On Monday, I packed and shipped (well got ready for pickup the next day) over 50 orders! Yes, there were over 50 priority mail boxes waiting for the postman on Tuesday morning. I'm betting he didn't like me too much that least it wasn't raining. It always seems to rain on days when I have massive pickups. I feel bad for my poor mail carriers. They always take such great care of both my outgoing and incoming boxes though. They are wonderful.

I digressed. Getting 50 orders packed up in one day while intermittently taking care of twin infants is an accomplishment. I feel proud! I think I'm finally starting to get organized. It must be my mommy powers coming out!

I only technically worked on Wylde Ivy part-time this week. I didn't have much baby sitting help this week and I had to let my husband have some time to work on his side business. He works in printing full time, then has a side business making custom handmade knives. I'm so proud of him. I've lost count of how many magazines his work has been in and he was featured in a gorgeous coffee table book about knifemakers! I'm so proud! He has way too many knife orders and a waiting list a mile long. It took me so long to get caught up with Wylde Ivy after being on bedrest and maternity leave, that I'm finally now starting to let him get some work in on his knives before he goes to his full time second shift prining job.
I digressed again. See my head is really spinning. Today we took the babies out grocery shopping with us. It was their first trip to the store. Yes it is hard getting two baby girls up, fed, and ready to go out for a quick trip to the grocery store but I won't keep them couped up in the house just because it is easier for us. Up until this point we kept them away from crowds just because they were preemies and we didn't want to expose them unnecessarily to germs. Now, at almost five months old I have to bite the bullet and start getting them out. We've had them outside quite a bit, in the open space but never around crowds in inside places. It was hard. I'm very phobic about sickness and the month the girls spent in the hospital where you had to use surgical scrub on your hands, where scrubs, wash between touching each baby, and just seeing them so fragile and tiny did not help. So with a lump in my throat we ventured out in public with them. The girls came through it unscathed. There were no war wounds, missing limbs, or deadly skin diseases today...though I did wash each girls hands about three times after we got home...just in case!

So I'm getting some work in today. I don't normally work much on Fridays, I actually have it posted that I'm closed, but I have a babysitter today. I packed up more orders, finished cutting the batches of soap that I made last weekend, and now I'm going to make some more Aroma Melts. Right now, I have Little Shop in Salem getting ready to be poured into the containers. I know many of you were asking for that scent to come back in the melts!

I'm tossing around the idea of opening an Etsy shop. I started to set one up, but then keep going back and forth on whether on not I should. Really I'm just afraid it will get confusing handling orders from two sources (my website and Etsy). Basically I'll have to keep two separate product inventories. I do so love shopping on Etsy though!

Well that was my week. I will finish by posting some new pictures of the girls...since it has been so long since I shared any. They've grown so much! These are my attempts at digital scrapbooking. I'm playing around with the My Memories Suite software from Polaroid. It is very easy to use which is good since the only time I get to work on pictures is when I'm holding or feeding a baby and can only use one hand.

These are of Maya

Maya on the left and Lily on the right

Lily again

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