Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Sad Day for Violetta and Santa Ana Fans

Well, it happens. Every so often, I loose a supplier for an ingredient, a fragrance oil, or a packaging item. This sends me into a frenzy looking for quality replacements but sometimes, there are no replacements available.
So the day has come that I've lost a supplier for one of the fragrance components I use in the blends Violetta and Santa Ana. I've exhausted all leads on finding a replacement for the component for Violetta. I still have some avenues to explore for finding the scent for Santa Ana.

I am in the process of having the special scent I need to make the Violetta blend manufactured just for me. This will most likely be a long process which I hope will have a happy ending. In the meantime I will continue on my search.

So what does this mean for Violetta fans? Well, I still have quite a supply of the beloved fragrance oil blend. I will most likely stop the production of the Violetta soap, as this uses up huge amounts of fragrance oil. I just may save the fragrance oil blend exclusively for perfumes so you can still enjoy your Violetta in this form.
For now, there are still Violetta products available on my website, such as soap, All Olive Lotion, Silken Body Oils, Sugared Body Polish, Solid Cocoa Butter Scrub Bars, and Perfumes. Hopefully I can find a solution quickly and these won't have to be sold out for long.

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