Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Name that Scent Contest!

I had a lot of fun with the last naming contest for OlivaBella. Everyone was so creative, it was really hard to choose!

The new summer scent needs a new name! Name it and win, here's how!
So here we are, the new summer scent that was called Sarong now needs a new name! For those of you who have already sampled the fragrance, you're ahead of the game! Wear it, sniff it, study it...then name it!

If you have not yest sampled this new summer scent don't despair! Every order for the month of June will receive a Mini Perfume Mister sample (of said scent, of coarse!).

Not planning a June order and haven't sampled the scent yet? No problem, you can play along too! Just read the description and send those names on in!

The scent description:
Suntan lotion on summer glowing skin, salty ocean air clinging to your hair, the sound of the waves carried on the warm breeze...this is summer Notes of Suntan Lotion, Coconut, Sea Salt, Lime Peel, Jasmine, Musk, and Sun Bleached Wood

What can you win?
The winner will receive my entire Custom Shop product line in the scent with your new name gloriously emblazoned on the labels. You will get a one ounce Perfume, 1/3 ounce Perfume Oil, 7 ounce Hemp and Green Tea Lotion, 4 ounce Body Butter Cream, 4 ounce Silken Body Oil, and an 11 ounce Sugared Body Polish.

There will be three runner ups who will each receive a $15.00 gift certificate to my website! The runner ups will be randomly chosen from a pool of contest participants.

What is the scent called now and how do I order it?
For the rest of the month, the scent will be available by the name "No Name Yet" (clever, huh?). It will be available in the drop down option box for the products under that name.

Check out the temporary labels for this scent! Wow! All of the products in the scent "No Name Yet" will ship with with this label design until the contest is over and the new name is picked(with the exceptions of samples).

Ok, here are the rules and contest instructions.
- You may enter as many names as you like. You can compile them all into one list, or you may send multiple entries as you think of them
- Please use the contact form on my website for submitting the entries, and be sure to add Name Contest as the subject.
- The contest starts now and will be open until June 30th
- For the $15.00 gift certificate drawing, your name will be entered once whether you submit one idea for the contest or ten.
- I had an overwhelming response to the last contest. I will send out confirmations that I have received your entry but it may take me up to four business days.
- I will contact the winners via email, and I will also post the winning names on my blog.
I think that is about it.
Have fun!!


*Kim* said...

That perfume bottle is gorgeous! I'm off to order so I can sniff this awesome sounding scent and enter. Thanks for the contest.

Anonymous said...

How fun! :)