Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I Need Some Perfume Testers! Quick!

I am going to be changing my perfume packaging in the very near future (look for a sneak peak soon). I'm in the final stages of choosing a design and I'm now ready to field to speak. I'm looking for some volunteers to do some testing for me. I will send you a perfume (your choice of scent) and all you need to do is use it! Ok, well that isn't actually all. I will need to you inspect the bottle upon receipt and make sure it survived shipping well. I'll also want our opinion the bottle design and functionality. I'll want your input on the sprayer, overall looks, that sort of thing. I will need your review (via email) within five days of the perfume being delivered to you.

If you want to apply to be a tester, please just leave a comment at the bottom of this post. I will need your first name, the first initial of your last name, your state (this tester call is only open to US residents), as well as your scent choice. I will randomly draw a selection of qualified entries tomorrow at 4:00pm EST. I'll post a list of the names drawn here on the blog and you will need to email me with your full shipping address.

Just make sure you fit these requirements
1. Lives within the United States
2. Has ordered at least one full sized perfume (alcohol based spray) from Wylde Ivy in the last three months
3. Can submit your opinions and review within 5 days of receiving your perfume

Thanks sould be all! If you have any questions let me know!


Katie said...

This is fantastic!
Katie L
Fairy Wings

mia said...

Mia J., MO - Ember (but happy to help with anything!)

Tasha said...

Well, I haven't purchased a perfume in the past three months, but I've been given any number of samples. I have experience writing for print and the web, so I'd be happy to help you out.

If I qualify, I'm Tasha S. in Georgia, and the scent I'd like is Starling.

Krissy said...

i would love to do it - i wear my wylde ivy scents everyday. (i'm also a former creative director and journalist, so know a little something about marketing and branding, etc).

krissy h

Judi said...

Me Me! I just enabled a friend to your wonderful soap yesterday for her birthday!

Judith D Louisiana
Teak or Mystic Amber

karen said...

yay! Thanks for the opportunity!

Karen I., Ohio - Lemon Peel & Olive Leaf

Michele said...

I'd love the opportunity to test!

Michele F.
Fig Tart

Holly said...

I'm game! Anything without patchouli is fine by me. I need to start plotting another order anyway. My scrub stash is getting dangerous low due to this horrid cold winter.

Holly J

Laura said...

Hi Ashlee! Glad to help if the luck of the draw will have it...

Laura S., California, Black Tobacco or Deja Vu -- or just about anything, really :)

Nicole said...

Hi Ashlee - I haven't purchased one of your perfumes, just the samples, but I'd be glad to give you some press on my blog! Let me know, if you like - the ones I've tried I love, so I'd be glad to lend a hand! Obviously I can do well in a short time frame, and write up a decent review for you.
So if I qualify -
Nicole H.
North Carolina
I'd test anything, really - but my faves have been the spicy ones, not so much the foodies - although those are good as well!

Michele D. said...

Ooh, yes please, I would love to be a tester!

~Michele D.