Tuesday, June 08, 2010

and it's back to business as usual....

Here I a back in the shop after a fantastic little mini beach vacation. While it feels good to slide back into our farmiliar routine around here, I can't help missing the sound of the ocean in my ears and the warm sand underfoot. I shall miss you ocean, until we meet again in August!

This week I'll be spending time getting caught up on orders and emails. After they are all taken care of, then I'll be preparing the new summer scents for a tentative release next week. I still have to do all the label designing for all 17 scents! That is going to be a job in itself! Luckily I refreshed and inspired from my beach trip last week!

I have just restocked the Summer Collection 2010 Samplers in both my Etsy shop as well as my main shop so if you missed them last week now is your chance to grab them.

If all goes well, I'll be stocking the shops next week with the new scents as well as a pretty big soap restock! I'm going to wait until the new scents are ready to be listed so I can do everything in one big update. Stay tuned for the official date. Right now I'm aiming for a June 15th release date.

The following soaps will be ready to go for the release:
Electric Berry
Pure Butter Spa Soap
Rhassoul Glow Spa Soap
Sparkling Clementine
Fairy Lily
Creamy Coconut
Little Shop in Salem
Coconut Milk Castile
Chamomile Oatmeal Castile
Black Raspberry Burst

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