Tuesday, September 08, 2015

As the sun moves away....

As we make a slow turn a way from the summer plump leaves begin to tinge in the faintest of yellow, the golden hour haze gets a little more magical, the spiderwebs glisten heavy with dew, and.......MONSTERS!

That's right, the monsters are here!  This past week so many new scents hit the virtual shelves in my online shop. Old seasonal favorites such as Hello September, Dark November, Solstice Road, and Pumpkin Masquerade welcomed the all new scents like Cinder and Spice, Black Blossom Honey, and Shadow Fall.  Still, as exciting as all those luscious fall and winter scents are, I think everyone anticipates the arrival of the Monsters.

My limited release Halloween Collection are always favorites.  Gorgeous and unique perfume scents inspired by our favorite Halloween monsters and the stories about them you've never heard.  A zombie stopping at nothing to get to give his true love chocolates and crushed carnations, the Bride of Frankenstein's first thoughts upon waking, a sad and beautiful ghost wondering why she feels so distant from her love, a Mummy trying his had at finding love through a personal ad, and more.

This year, A Touch of Brimstone joins the collection.

The Story
By chance she crossed his path.  By chance his eyes found hers. When the curtain fell, it fell silently.  The curtain of magic that hid him, the true him, from the world.   She saw him.  He saw  her.  In those few moments, seconds at most, she had seen him.  It was not the him that he presented to the world.  That slipped away when he looked into those deep blue bottomless pools of her eyes and the memory came flooding back.  What he used to be.  What she used to be to him.  Lifetimes ago.  They had come full circle, back again through impossible spans of time and place.  Yet here she was, face to face with a monster.  Face to face with him.  But still, she looked at him with all the knowing and and love of their past selves.  Looked into the eyes of a thing, a terrible demon, and still her gentle warmth rushed towards him.
No he could not have it.  It had doomed them before, it couldn't be.  He'd spent centuries wish mongering for filthy people as a punishment, as a sacrifice that she may be at peace.  Oh the pain of those granted wishes. What was that spell again?   What was needed for forgetting....the dust of a star, an unspoken hope, a splinter of a soul, and just a touch of brimstone.

The Scent:
The sweet base of bourbon vanilla and warm musk mingled with crushed tonka beans and resinous amber, dried chapparal and sandalwood, and smoked vetiver and nutmeg.
This scent is part of the limited edition Monsters in Love collection and will be available through October 31st.

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