Thursday, September 20, 2007

Changes at Wylde Ivy

First I'd like to start off by sharing some news that is wonderful, but also may change Wylde Ivy slightly for a time. My husband and I are expecting twins this Spring!

So what does this mean for Wylde Ivy? I have extra help in training now for order processing and packing. The rest of the Wylde Ivy business such as product conception, product production, packaging design, website maintenance, photography, and marketing has always be done almost entirely by me. I will work as long as possible, but with twins it may be necessary for me to stop working a little earlier in the pregnancy then I had originally intended. Things such as new product releases and Scent of the Month may slow down for a little while or possibly be halted as we get used to a new routine around here. I may find it necessary to temporarily cut some slower moving products and scents.

Fall Release

This year's Fall release of new products will be slightly affected by this as well. During the summer I formulated lots of new scents that I was intending to roll into production all at the same time. This massive production has just not been possible for me over the last few weeks. Since I just don't feel comfortable setting release dates that I may not be able to keep, I've decided to release the products in a few smaller installments when I am able to get them finished. I've got some great scents in the works such as the return of Marshmallow Gingerbread and Ice Princess along with all new scents that include Mint Truffle, Cranberry Current, Amber Chai, and Cinnamon Brulee to name a few. There is also a group of all new soaps that are cured and waiting to be put onto the website. I hope to have these photographed and put onto the website (along with the first wave of the Fall release) within the week. Some of these new soaps include Lemon Custard, Mint Truffle, Almond Creme, Sugared Mint, and Amber Chai. I will also make sure there is an assortment of Marshmallow Gingerbread products available with the first release, for all of you who are anxiously awaiting that scent!

Over the summer I also tested lots of new soap scents. I had planned on releasing quite a few new soaps this season. The testing is actually the hard part and that is done. I'll be implementing some help around here to make soap, like having someone available to lift and pour the heavy items for me. So hopefully, I will still be able to put all the great soap scents that I tested into production this season as well.

Wylde Ivy in the Long Run

There very well may be a temporary closure of our store this Spring. I am working hard now getting things in order to keep the closure as short as possible if it must happen. Rest assured, I will always keep my customers informed of any major changes to the business as soon as I know myself. Wylde Ivy has been a passion of mine for over four years and I look forward to many more years!

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Alma said...

A late congratulations on your news!