Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Poll Question

I’d like to get a feel for what you guys would like to see most in regards to Sales, Specials, and Customer Loyalty Programs at Wylde Ivy.

I hope you all already take advantage of our Bonus Points program for registered website members. It is a free service that allows you to create a customer account at our website from which you can earn bonus points for every order you place with us! All you have to do is make sure you are logged into your account when you place your order. Your points can then be turned into gift certificates to use on our website or to pass along as a gift to a loved one. You get a point for every dollar you spend on merchandise at Wylde Ivy. Ten points equals $1.00, so essentially you get 10% back on every purchase you make at Wylde Ivy just for being a member! You earn these points every time you place an order.

I love offering this benefit to our customers as a thank you for shopping with us. This discount sometimes limits further discounts we could offer during sporadic sales and monthly promotions however. We often get emails asking about store wide sales, shipping discounts, and other types of promotions. Since our products are already discounted through the bonus points program, it can sometimes be tricky to offer substantial additional promotions.

So my question to you is, how would you like to see Wylde Ivy reward you as a customer?

-Keep the Bonus Points program just as it is.

Well this is pretty self explanatory. We can keep offering the 10% back in bonus points on every order for our registered customers with the very occasional public Sale or Special.

-Discontinue the Bonus Points Program

and offer more general sales and specials. Registered users would no longer earn the 10% back on orders but it would free us up to offer more special offers to and sales at randoms times.

-Scale back on the Bonus Points Program

and offer a few more general sales. This would cut back on the Bonus Points redeemable value, meaning you may earn $1.00 for every 20 or 25 points or only only be able to collect Bonus Points during certain times or with the purchase of certain products. This would free us up to run a few general sales and special promotions.

So voice your opinion in the voting to your right. You will only be able to vote once. I welcome any comments or thoughts you may have. Comments can be posted to this blog post but clicking on the “Comments” button below or you may use the Contact form on the website ( )

I will take all votes and comments into careful consideration for planning future moves here at Wylde Ivy!

Thanks you your time and input!


stephanie said...


I found wylde ivy last week, and bought something for the first time. I just wanted to tell you how absolutely amazed I am at your products! I am sitting in front of a beautifully packaged box full of 12 different scents of soap trying to decide which one to use first!

I really love that you have so many fruity but NOT sickly sweet scents. That is a surprisingly hard thing to find. I have a feeling I may be stocking my bathroom with wylde ivy products from now on! I am a little heartbroken though because I have fallen head over heels for "Summer Fling," "Sweet Pumpkin Kiss," and "Lime Fizz"...all of which are limited editions! :-( I wish I knew about wylde ivy in the beginning of the summer so I would have had time to stockpile some of these lol :-)

Anyway, I did have a couple questions if you have the time to answer them that would be great!

I was wondering how long a set of Limited Edition Deli Soaps are usually on sale for. When you are out of stock on one (like Sweet Pumpkin Kiss) do you ever make more? Or is it gone once it's out of stock? Also, do you expect to get anymore of the Surprise Me Soap Samplers in the Deli scents? I got one of the regular ones and I think it is a beautiful thing for cute little gifts. I would love to be able to make little presents with both a set of regular soaps and a set of deli soaps.

Also, do you ever bring back some of the Limited Edition scents? (Until now!) I have shopped mostly at Lush, and I always looked forward to their Discontinued Runs where they bring back certain products based on popular demand. Do you ever do anything like that? If not I would highly recommend it! Especially because I have a feeling I will become addicted to some of your Deli Soaps lol.

Also, I am interested in trying your Coconut and Soy Shampoo bars and Conditioner bars, but you are out of stock on the conditioner bars. How long does it usually take to restock on items like that?

Well, sorry about the really long comment! I just really wanted to take the time to thank you for a wonderful line of products. I cant wait to hop in the shower and try one (or ten) of the soaps! :-)

I look forward to placing another order once I get my next paycheck lol.


Thank you for including some samples!

Wylde Ivy said...

Hi Stephanie, I'm so happy to hear you enjoyed your order!

Usually the Limited Edition Deli soaps are available for sale for at least two or three months and sometimes I have them available for five or six months. It depends on how popular the particular soap is, some sell faster then others.

There is always a possibility of a Limited Edition coming back for another limited run. I do this frequently, especially if the product was popular. I like to do a variety of scents, but being just one person in production it is hard to manage a large stock of products. Doing special products as limited editions allows me to bring out new scents often (and when I have time to create them) but doesn't force me to have to keep up with replenishing stock when they sell out.

I make up the Soap Samplers when I can. I have to be careful not to cut up too many full sized bars for samples. The Samplers sell so fast, it would be easy to accidentally use up all of my soap supply on just the samplers and have no full sized bars to sell! From every batch, I have a set number of bars I cut up for samples. I just collect the sample bars until I have enough to bundle and put up on the site for sale. So, after that long explanation I can say, yes at some point there will be Deli samplers available again but only after I have saved enough of them to put on the site.

Usually, I try not to have items out of stock for more then two weeks at the most. In my last newsletter however I announced that I am expecting twins. I had to cut my work hours back already, and will need to do so even more as time goes on. Since all of the product production is done entirely by me, I just can't set exact release dates for products now. I'll try as hard as I can to keep things in stock, but production may slow down here at Wylde Ivy for a time.

Thanks again for your order and for taking the time to write! I’m so happy you liked your new soaps!