Thursday, November 06, 2008

Post Custom Shop Catch Up Post & Store Closing has been a busy past two weeks! I managed to get all of the Custom Shop orders out ahead of schedule! I love it when that happens. It is a good feeling!

Now that many of you have already received your Custom Shop orders, I am getting asked when I'll be opening it up again. Well....I'm just not sure. I would really like to do it again before the holidays. That would mean around the first week of December so I would have time to get them made and shipped. This time of year is really, really busy however and I have a lot that I need to do to get the rest of my products stocked and ready as well. The rest of November will be a very busy month with both work and personal projects going on. I will keep you posted.

I am shutting down from November 10th through the 17th to get some work done and do inventory. The website will be open and taking orders during this time however. I just won't be shipping them until the 17th. I also won't be readily available to answer emails. I"ll try and pop in here and there and get them answered. So I will be keeping the $5.00 shipping special going until I return.

Thanks so much for making the Custom Shop a success! It was a lot of fun on my end!

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