Friday, October 24, 2008

More Sugar Rose is Available!

I have a few more bottles of Sugar Rose Perfume Oil available on my Etsy site!


Anonymous said...

Ok, this isn't exactly about esty but I had to say this somewhere. I just got my custom package and it's just wow! Between the Sugar Rose and Summer Fling scrubs, I'm kicking myself for not get more. I'm totally regreting not getting a Yuletide scrub now that I've gotten the soap.

If you decide not to keep the custom shop open, will you be bringing some of these scents over to your regular line? Please? Pretty please?



Wylde Ivy said...

Hi Holly! That is great to glad that you liked those products! I made up an extra Sugar Rose scrub for myself as well! I love it!

Yes, I'll most likely be able to bring over some of the most popular Custom Shop scents to my regular line, or at least do them as Scents of the Month. I'm going to try and do a Custom Shop again soon!

Thanks Holly!