Thursday, October 16, 2008

New Art Glass Pendants

Ok, this is the is actually happening. I'm letting go and listing these beautiful little glass pendants that I've had sitting in a case in my workshop. I finally decided it was time for them to move on to good loving homes where they would be worn and see the light of day. Dramatic...yeah a bit! I started making these gorgeous glass pendents as a way for me to carry my beloved pictures and images with me. I had so much fun making them, I decided to make them to sell. The problem was that once they were made, I just loved looking at them! I didn't want to let them go. So I guess I should just start making two of each for me and one to list! I just know you will love them too. They are quite the attention getter. These pendants are made using beautiful images and photographs and placing them behind smooth clear pieces of glass. The glass makes the colors pop and I love the way it very slightly distorts the image around the edges, kind of like liking at icicles in the winter.

I had a few that would be perfect for Halloween, so I snapped a few quick pics of them and popped them up on my site. The descriptions are a little corny and they pictures are little bare...but I wanted to do it quickly so they could be up before Halloween.

Buy two pendants, get one free! This is a blog readers special so you will have to let me know in the comments section of checkout that you read about this special here on my blog. I will refund you the price of one of your pendants. This special is only good until October 19th!

Here is just a few of the pendants.
Don't Cry For Me

Bird on a WireSo Blue Sugar SkullJust Red

Lovely Lavender

I have a few options for wearing your pendents. My favorite is the Silk Strands. These are super long (about 36 inches) and are hand dyed. I have a few colors that I'm going to list. The most basic, black.

The silk strands are worn by tying them in the back. Since they are so long, you get two nice long pieces that trail down your back for a very cool, elegant, and sexy look.

The front view.

Another option is to add an accent bead. Here is a handmade glass lampwork bead added to the black Silk Strand.

These can be worn two ways. In the front just above the pendant like so...

or my favorite, in the back. Here again you get the long trails of the Strand handing down your back. This looks so good when you wear your hair up!

Finally here is a simple, silver snake chain that goes well with any look!

I have only a few of the pendants and only one of each kind. I'm going to work on listing the rest hopefully by the end of tonight (along with the Strands and chains).

Here's the link to the jewelry spot on my website.

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