Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Sugar Rose Perfume

Ok, ok...I give in! I just listed Sugar Rose Oil Perfume on my Etsy shop. I sent out samples of this new fragrance and now I keep getting inquires about it. Sugar Rose is going to be a Custom Shop fragrance and will be able to be ordered in a Lotion, Cream, Body Oil, Perfumes, and Scrubs when the Custom Shop is open on Friday.

For those of you who are impatient (like me!) or who will not be ordering from the Custom Shop...I just listed Sugar Rose on Etsy. I only have three bottles of this right now as I am waiting on supplies.
Sugar Rose on Etsy


Anonymous said...

Is it a strong rose? Rose can come off as play-do on my skin. I have a list ready of what I want to order for the 17th. I may add it if it's a hit. Thanks

Lavenderpaintbrush (Beth)

Wylde Ivy said...

Hi Beth! It isn't a strong rose in the traditional sort of rose scent. It isn't old lady perfume rose and it isn't fresh flower rose. It is more of a fruity, sugary rose. I don't like the smell of roses myself, but I am really loving this new scent!

Anonymous said...

Ooo! Sounds nummy! That's definatly on my list for a sugar scrub!