Sunday, October 05, 2008

Tiny Dancers

Since so many of you ask about the girls, I thought I'd share some of their most recent pictures. They are doing great. They just started crawling, so now the fun begins! They are most definitely going to keep us on our toes! They are seven and a half months old now.

These girls are bringing out my girly side! Here they are wearing the tutus I made for them.

This is Maya.

Here is Lily.


Nanzy said...

Hi, you have gorgeous babies !!! OMG they're both so cute : )

anyway, I never purchased from WI but I've tried your product from swap and I love your Blueberry Cotton Candy : )

Wylde Ivy said...

Oh thank you so much!

I'm really happy to hear that you liked the product your received!

Ann said...

Ah, they are so cute Ashlee! I think the tutus you made for them are super cute as well.

Maybe you could come up with a scent named after them? Just an idea. I love your soaps and all my friends and family who receive them as gifts love them too. :-)