Monday, October 13, 2008

Custom Shop Scents - The Descriptions!

I still have some editing to do, but I wanted to get this up as soon as possible for everyone that has been waiting for the descriptions.

African Vanilla Bean
This is a grown up and sophisticated vanilla blend. Sweet and creamy, but also subtle and well rounded this vanilla is sure to please. (Due to the vanilla in this fragrance, products made using this scent will turn brown)

Apple Festival *brand new scent!*
When fall starts to paint the leaves in a wash of color, it is time for the apple festival. The warm autumn breeze carries the scent of all things apple as vendors prepare their luscious treats. Apple pies and apple dumplings, vanilla milkshakes, and the scent of the surrounding trees. There is just a hint of other fruited delicacies like strawberry pie and peach cobbler mixing with the apples and oak leaves.

Banana Cake
An ultra moist banana cake complete with cream cheese frosting!

Bella Vanille
Bella Vanille is a beautiful and unique Vanilla blend that is sweet and alluring. A base of pure sweet crushed vanilla beans, added some white sugar and lots of fluffy sweet cream makes Bella Vanille a vanilla dream!

Berry Apple Sorbet
A sweet and slightly tart medley of sugared Blackberries, Strawberries, and crisp Apples with a hint of Pear, whipped into a iced sorbet.

Berry Crimson
Intensely sweet fresh pomegranate nectar on an earthy patchouli laden base of woods. Hidden deep beneath the layers of sweet and earthy notes hide the faintest hint of fresh ginger root.

BLACKberry Russian *brand new scent!*
Coffee liquor, double strength coffee with steamed milk, a drizzle of blackberry syrup, and sprinkle of bitter dark chocolate shavings.

Black Cat *brand new scent!*
Dark and secretive, seductive and elusive the Black Cat mesmerizes all in it's path. Black vanilla, spiced patchouli, and musk with top notes of sugar dust and jasmine petals

Black Tobacco *brand new scent!*
Not for the faint of heart. Dried woods and tobacco leaves, a daring dose of spice, with subtle bottom notes of tea leaves and amber resin.

Bloom is the scent of a fresh warm Spring breeze carrying the sweet fragrance budding of wildflowers. Bloom is a sunny, Spring day when the air is fresh and clean and beautiful.

Brown Sugar Cream
An intensely sweet blend of moist brown sugar crystals, smooth light cream, rich buttercream, with just a hint of cinnamon.

Chocolate Fatale
If you love chocolate, this is the soap for you! Chocolate Fatale is all about rich, bitter, dark chocolate!

Cinnamon Brulee
In the tradition of the spicy sweet scent Marshmallow Gingerbread, Cinnamon Brulee blends fresh ground cinnamon, rich crème brulee, vanilla, with a touch of buttercream frosting and warm pastry dough. This scent is spicier and a little sharper then Marshmallow Gingerbread.

Crazy Cabana
Juicy Oranges, Apples, and Coconut blended to sheer tropical perfection with just a hint of Strawberry add to sweeten the deal. This scent is so fruity and fresh, it will remind you of the crazy stripped cabanas along the beach, tropical drinks, and crazy summer fun.

Dirty Chocolate *brand new scent!*
Sinfully rich dark Belgium chocolate overlapping a soft patchouli and blood orange mixture

Ember *brand new scent!*
Dying red embers struggling to emit the palest glow. Ember is black vanilla, vetiver grass, wood smoke, cinnamon bark, and pomegranate.

Fairy Lily
a fragrance so beautiful and so elegant it almost invokes the sense of standing in a fairytale forest surrounded by the clusters of snow white flowers. This is the delicate beauty of a hidden patch of Lily of the Valley that perfumes the breeze.

Fig Tart *brand new scent!*
Luscious ripe figs blended with a deep, rich, sweet vanilla cream

I Like Candy *brand new scent!*
Crystallized sugar in bright array of red and pink

Irish Mocha Cookie *brand new scent!*
Moist chocolate cookies filled with an Irish Cream frosting

Lemon Cream Danish
A mouthwatering blend of tart lemons, rich cream cheese, danish crust, and a thick sugar glaze. Lemon lovers, do not pass this one up!

Lemon Peel & Olive Leaf *brand new scent!*
With the fresh and uplifting scent of dried lemon peel with the slight green notes of olive leaf, this scent is so airy it almost floats away. To ground it a bit, a hint of creamy vanilla and a whisper of lily of the valley is added and makes a gorgeous unique scent.

Lime Fizz
A bright, effervescent blend of strong lime made just a little more complex with the addition of hints of lemon zest, a drop of pineapple juice, and just a whisper of white petals.

Lime Margarita
This incredibly true fragrance will make your mouth water. Limes and summer refreshment seem to go hand and hand, why not throw in a little Margarita to the mix?

Mint Truffle
Enticing and rich blend of gourmet dark chocolate, milk chocolate truffle, with a creamy mint swirl.

this stunning cool floral blend invokes visions of sheer white petals glowing under the moonlight. Moonflowers are crisp white flowers that bloom under the rising moon. They fragrance the night with their gorgeous and subtle gardenia like fragrance. This is the scent of Moonflower petals wrapped in velvet moonlight, fresh jasmine and sandalwood, violets and sheer musk. This is a simply magnificent scent.

[Middle English, from Old French, from Latin Mûsa, from Greek Mousa.] meaning a source of inspiration. Light and airy white musk meets delicately sweet ribbons of sugar intertwined around subtle notes of vanilla beans, orange glazed berries, and soft white florals. Be inspired.
Orange Fluff CakePerfect SnowflakeCool, crisp, and sophisticated like a perfect crystalline snowflake. Icy notes of mint with a breath of jasmine and tuberose on a bed of Blue Juniper needles.

A heavier and richer floral blend then our Bloom and Fairy Lily soap, Petals is a sweet all floral blend of Tuberose, Jasmine, and Gardenia petals.

Pomegranate Frost
A cool fruit blend of Pomegranates, anise, apples, orchids, vanilla, and white tea leaves.

Pumpkin Creme *brand new scent!*
Just like the name implies, a rich autumn pumpkin smothered in dense cream.

Queen Bee
A stunning fragrance blend of wildflower honey, creamy and buttery milk notes, and just a touch of fresh chamomile petals.

A citrus fragrances that truly shines. Not too sweet, not too tart, just an amazing sparkling fragrance of mandarin peels, bergamot, and lemon zest with a touch of sweet wild berries.

Smothered in Blueberries *brand new scent!*
Syrupy blueberry pie filling absolutely smothering a slice of homemade cheesecake. Bring on the blueberries, with a tiny side of cake!

Spa Blend
This is a clean, sweet, and fresh blend of peach and citrus fruits as well as a hint of rose and orange blossom and the slight tang of fresh ginger.

Sugared Mint
Red peppermint candies dipped in sugar with a hint of cream. Sugared Mint is a smooth, creamy and sweet peppermint scent, without the bracing and medicinal side that mint scents can sometimes have.

Summer Fling
If you ever smelled a scent that made you want to pull on a sundress, kick off your shoes, and head to the beach, this would be it! Pure summery sweetness. All the best things of summer wrapped up into one clean, fresh scent. Raspberries, peaches, and summer florals await!

Starling *brand new scent!
Fall brings the Starling to pick the fruits from our Bradford Pear trees. The autumn breeze seems to follow these star speckled birds. Starling is cedar wood dipped in vanilla, with a touch of amber resin and damp sandalwood.

Sugar Cake
Sugar Cake is a blend of Vanilla Cookies, Yellow Cake, and sweet Cane Sugar. This blend is a must for bakery scent lovers!

Sugar Rose *brand new scent!*
Inspired by a recipe for rose sugar cookies, Sugar Rose is delicate rosewater, moist raw sugar cane, crispy cookie crumbs with just a touch of wildflower honey and tropical fruit nectar.

Sweet Alpine
A gorgeous, complex blend of Sweet Birch and Blue Spruce mixed with hints of bergamot, damp moss, fresh tea leaves, winter bittersweet, and a touch of white floral.

Sweet Cream *brand new scent!*
My newest obsession is sweet cream ice cream. This is the scent of thick rich cream sweetened with raw sugar and a touch of honey.

Sweet Earth
Deep, seductive Cedarwood blended with Oakmoss, Siberian Fir, and green fresh Hay come together to create a stunning, unisex, earthy blend.

Sweet Serendipity
This beautifully soft and sweet musk blends fruits like Kiwi, Strawberries, and Oranges with a touch of sweet floral, Musk, Vanilla, and Amber.

A bright, clean, and refreshing blend of fresh grass with a hint of clover.

Sweetie is a fun and flirty, but sophisticated blend. Top notes of citrus blossoms melds into sweet candied fruits and summer flowers finally dries down to notes of amber, musk, and white cedar for a sensual finish. Sweetie is an upbeat, breezy, and fun fragrance that is sure to turn heads.

Dark and resinous woods blended with a touch of amber and smooth vanilla and just a hint of old world spices.

Tangerine Loves Peach
A perfect blend of ripe, tart tangerine and juicy sticky peach. This is such an uplifting, "happy" fragrance. Tangerine, you may now kiss the Peach!

Tahitian Vanilla Creme *brand new scent!*
Fresh moist vanilla beans infused in warm milk and folded into a fluffy Italian pastry cream filling.

Wood Nymph *brand new scent!*
She walks over fallen leaves and felled trees. There is the scent of patchouli and damp leaves. You catch the barest whisper of the honeysuckle and jasmine she wears in her hair.

Woodland Orchard

Woodland Orchard is a beautiful fresh scent perfect for autumn days. A blending of sweet apple peels, fresh air, and oak leaves with a touch of Lavender makes a perfect, fresh scent for anytime of the year.

is warm, rich, and sophisticated. A heavy spice scent with a slight “smokey” tang and a hint of citrus. It is very unique and upscale fragrance.

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