Monday, May 04, 2009

I'm Back....

I'm back from my little week long adventure in generally doing all of the responsible adult kind of things. Yeah, it was a boring week. But on the plus side, I was able to update my online inventory to include some items that were showing out of stock...when they actually weren't.

I'm reorganizing the website a little bit. It seems like I'll be able to keep doing the Custom products full time (yay!) so I'm making a more permanent spot for them on the site. Now when you click on "Bath and Body", you'll be able to choose from two sections...the Custom Products and the Ready Made Products. It is also the same for Perfumes. I've also added all of the Classic Wylde Ivy scents to the Custom Shop, like HoneyBee Good, White Cashmere, Blackberry Cotton Candy, Black Tea Jasmine, Fairy Wings, Little Shop in Salem, Violetta, Wylde Cocoa, and Wylde Vanilla. Now you can order these scents in the Custom Shop products or if they happen to be out of stock on the Ready Made product side, you can scoot over to the Custom Shop and order them there! Probably the best news is you'll be able to get all of these scents in the Body Butter Cream now!

Ok, ok...lets talk about what you are really waiting for

New Scents

I have new scents...I've got lots of new scents! There are over 20 brand new, never before seen scents coming next week. I just need a little more time to get them named and write up descriptions as well as get them on the site.

I've done a few scents to go with the popular Sugar Rose. Two that are ready now are Frosted Lavender and Violet Fluff.

I also have three new scents that are based on my Bloom fragrance. I wanted to do some nice, realistic, dewy, fresh spring floral scents. So far I have Rose, Peony, and Tulip.

As for th e rest of the scents, they are all summer inspired scents that are tropical, sugary sweet, and fun!

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