Monday, May 18, 2009

Summer Scents

Here is the start of the Summer Scent list descriptions. I'm still working on more and don't hold me to anything that is written here at the moment...this is a rough draft!

Sugar Flowers Collection
This collection honors the exquisite culinary flowers and their beautiful blending with all things sugar. Sugar Rose inspired this collection and will join it as well.

Frosted Lavender
Heavy cream infused with fresh lavender, whipped, and sweetened with lavender sugar for a double shot of sugared flowers

Violet Fluff
Candied violets surrounded by a bed of vanilla infused marshmallow fluff

White Chocolate Rose Cream
Smooth vanilla bean infused with elegant rose essence and encased in fine white chocolate

Blooming Florals Collection
An entire line of scents formulated to mimic real, fresh dew laden blooms. I have set out to create beautiful, delicate floral collection that showcases the beauty of real blooms. Fairy Lily and Bloom will become part of this collection as well.

Forgotten Rose
There is a forgotten rose garden, tucked away and hidden among the lush greens where the roses now grow wild and rowdy. The morning sun dances in the dew drops that are sprinkled on the heavy blooms.
Notes of Red Rose, Dew, Green Leaf, and Ozone.



Beach Collection
Sun, fun, and all things summer! Your own personal getaway and secret escape.

Suntan lotion on summer glowing skin, salty ocean air clinging to your hair, the sound of the waves carried on the warm breeze...this is summer
Notes of Suntan Lotion, Coconut, Sea Salt, Lime Peel, Jasmine, Musk, and Sun Bleached Wood

Pink Bikini
The girl in the pink bikini is fun, flirty, and oh so sweet. Her hair smells of summer fruits and on her skin she wears a cotton candy perfume.
Notes of Spun Sugar, Mango, Pineapple Juice, Lycee, and Vanilla

Yellow Bikini
You know the song..."She wore an ittsy bitsy teeny weenie yellow polka dot bikini". The girl in the polka dot bikini is sunny and cheerful and just a little bit shy.
Notes of Grapefruit, Lemon Zest, Jasmine, Apple, and White Peach

Blue Pineapple
Freshly sliced pineapple rings with just a touch of agave nectar, key lime, red berries, and vanilla beans.

Berry Smooth
Time to cool off and whip up a tropical fruit smoothie! Tart and creamy all at the same time. You start out with dripping blackberries and pomegranates, add a dash of Valencia orange, and finish off with a heap of freshly made Tahitian vanilla bean ice cream.

Cool and sparkling, like the azure waters of the Caribbean by night...refreshing and complex.
Top notes of Kiwi, Coconut Milk, Tahitian Taire Flowers, Verbena, Wild Orchid, and Vanilla Bean.

Green Tea Sorbet
When you are ready for something simple, refreshing, and chilly. Extra strength green tea with lemon sugar and frosty goodness.

Other New Scents!

White Honey
An airy fragrance that dances on the line of comfort and seduction. White vanilla veils around pure wildflower honey all floating on a wisp of ethereal white musk.

Sugar Fairy
If you love my scent Fairy Wings and you love sugar, then you must try Sugar Fairy. Sugar Fairy is a sugared up version of Fairy Wings. Sugar Fairies (I like to think they exist) flit around tossing sparkly sugary goodness into the air making life just a touch sweeter...and magical.
Notes of Strawberry, Sweet Orange, Vanilla, Spun Sugar, and Musk.

Peche de Creme
Undeniably ripe peaches sweetened with a touch of orange blossom honey served on a bed of thick rich vanilla cream.


Heather said...

Oh my! I got a sample of Pink Bikini and it is fantastic. I'm definately getting more. I can't wait to try Yellow Bikini! Oh, they all sound too good!

Anonymous said...

Yep, got my perfume sampler, wrote down my faves and passed them out to like minded coworkers. I'm thrilled to see Tulip. Love the smell yet it seems like such a neglected floral in bath & body stuff.

One question, will the Olive Lotion ever be available in the custom shop? My skin likes it more than the hemp lotion but I would love to have it in Sweet Cream if nothing else. It's such a perfect sleepy time scent to me. Begging and pleading are available if neccessary.


Wylde Ivy said...

Heather...fantastic! Thanks so much!

Holly...thanks so much for passing along the samples! That is such a compliment. Unfortunately, the Olive Lotion does not do well with custom scenting is micro batches. It is finicky and prefers to be mixed in large batches....buuuut, I actually do have it made and ready to go in the Sweet Cream scent! I just don't ever have the time to add it to the site. Email me about it!