Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Day in the Wylde Life Gets a New Face

Well if you are here reading this, you probably noticed! If you are reading my blog posts through a feed then you may notice some changes to my blog the next time you visit. I spent this weekend tinkering with the layout and doing some little html hacks here and there. I wanted something bright and clean looking for the spring. I'll probably put some color in the background eventually, but for right now I wanted something fresh and minimal....like the feeling you get when you cast off your winter coat for the first time in the spring!

I still have some more work that I'd like to do and some more little changes. Basically I don't know anything about blog design. I know basic html but everything I did to my blog I learned from reading online tutorials. So, if you run into any problems or if something doesn't work for you just let me know. I'll do my best to fix it up. I did widen my blog considerably, because I like big pictures. I know there is a chance that it might run off the edges for people with lower resolution monitors. I checked it on my old 15 inch, and nothing important was cut off. If there is any major cropping for any of you out there, let me know and I'll shrink it down a little.

Also, let me know if the blog is very slow at loading for you....actually, while you are at if just let me know if there is anything annoying at all!



Anonymous said...

Wow, you did a great job! I love it and it looks great here on my end.

Annie T. said...

It looks fantastic. I love seeing your pictures. I hope you post more, hint, hint! :)

abbiepql said...

Very nice job, love it!

Nicole said...

Perfect, I'd have to say you achieved what you were going for! I love it.

Wylde Ivy said...

Thank you so much everyone! I'm really happy that you like it.