Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A Little Bit of Spring

Spring has definitely sprung here in my little part of the world. Our weekend was absolutely beautiful. It even smells like spring outside. The girls were really excited to see our neighbors purple crocus so I thought it might be fun to take them to some of the local nurseries and get our own flowers. The girls love flowers. They love touching them and making the leaves and petals bounce around. I'm so happy that I may actually end up with some little gardening buddies to trek around and stare at plants and pretty colored flowers for hours and hours. As it turned out there wasn't much of a selection yet but we managed to find some nice pansies. Lily chose a flat of deep purple and yellow...or prupel as she puts it. Maya chose a flat that had some mixed colors but she liked the yewlow and bluuu (or yellow and blue in non toddler speak).

So we get them home and I get everything set up to plant them. All of my flowers have to be planted in containers or they run the very real risk of being trampled to death by my dogs. I gave each of the girls a scoop and put the bag of dirt between them. Dirt + giant scoops + two, two year olds = one big happy mess. Who knew toddlers would like handling the dirt more then planting the flowers. Ok, ok...I did but I severely underestimated their passion for filling the pots with it. When the big pots were filled and it was time to put the flowers in, the girls were not happy with me at all. Many a pansy went sailing out into the yard when they would return with their giant scoop of dirt to discover that I had stealthily plopped the flowers into their pots. When I finally managed to get the scoops away from the girls, the flowers into the pots, and the pots away from the eye of the hissy fit storm, most of the poor pansies looked like they had been through a war. Well, I guess really they had been. Perhaps they would have fared better with my dogs.

So the flowers are resting comfortably on my deck, for now...until I forget to water them.

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