Monday, March 15, 2010

New Perfume on Etsy!

I have an all new scent that I created and it is debuting in my Etsy shop! You can find it here:

The Scent:
I love patchouli, I really do. It is such an exquisite blender and base in fragrances. I use it in many of my scents, but I wanted more. I Heart Patchouli isn't a straight patchouli scent, rather a scent designed around patchouli. First I found a mellow but rich and smooth patchouli. To that I added a light top note of jasmine and just the barest note of citrus to give to give the scent some lift. Finally, I gave the scent an amber and musk base to give the scent a modern and sophisticated edge. Now this is how I like my patchouli!

1 comment :

Mary said...

This sounds wonderful. I just love your perfumes. I get so many compliments when I wear them. Thank you for that! ;)