Monday, July 19, 2010

The Cut List and Retiring Scents

It's time again...the dreaded "Cut List". I hate retiring scents and I always put it off for far too long. As much as I hate deeming scents retirees, I love creating new scents even more. So to keep the room that I need to add to my collection, older scents and seasonal scents have to be retired. After all, it is almost time for the Fall and Winter line to make a reappearance!

I have already started on the new fall line and I definitely need to make some room around there. Here is the start of my tentative scent retirees. These scent will be available (while supplies last) through August. Keep an eye out here for any changes or amendments to this list. Some of these scents are being retired due to supply shortages but most scents will be back for the spring and summer in 2011.
  • Aerial (sold out)
  • Black Cat (sold out)
  • Bloom
  • Blueberry Crumb Cake
  • Chocolate Fatale
  • Coconut Island Castaway
  • Daydreamer
  • Electric Berry
  • Frozen Coconut
  • HoneyBee Good!
  • He Loves Me Not (sold out)
  • Ice Princess
  • Iced Mango
  • I Heart Coconut
  • Lime Margarita
  • OlivaBella
  • Pink Bikini
  • Pink Strawberry Citrus
  • Pink Chiffon
  • Shine
  • Sparkling Clementine
  • Sticky
  • Sugar Cake
  • Sun Tea
  • Tahitian Vanilla Creme
  • Violet Sun
  • Yellow Bikini

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