Monday, July 26, 2010

Slight Ammendment to the Raffle Entries

Ok, I forgot that when an item sells on Etsy, the heart count gets reset to zero. I've been knocking myself out trying to record all the items hearts that are coming in but now I'm worried that I'll miss some when an item sells (especially if it is during the night).

I really want to keep this fair and fun for everyone. I've decided to turn it into a heart bingo game of sorts. I am going to give out a set of prizes especially for the folks who heart the individual items in my shop. Here is what is up for grabs from the Heart Bingo Game:
1 - Commission a Scent Prize
1 - $25 Gift Certificate to my shop
5 - Free Shipping coupons
1 - Goodie Bag in your choice of Fall or Summer
1 - It's my Party Limited Edition Perfume in your choice of Good Girl or Bad Girl
1 - Perfume Oil Sample Set
1 - Mini Perfume Mister Set

Here is how it works. I will randomly draw a prize, then I will randomly draw a product from my shop. Out of the hearts that were given during the Birthday Sale for that product, I will randomly choose a winner. This will go on at random times during the next three days. That is a lot of randomness, huh?

I hope you like this new game! I'll keep everyone updated on the winnings and drawings via facebook, twitter, and my blog!

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Anonymous said...

Great idea, sounds like loads of fun!