Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Playing Catch Up

Life is just zooming right along these days and I'm jogging behind, picking up stray pieces and doing my best to keep up and keep my mind. Somedays I'm more successful at this then others.

It is hot here...very, very hot. Monday the thermometers read 104 and Tuesday they creeped up to 107. I didn't even bother looking yesterday. That is hot enought to keep me and the girls hiding inside. So I'm letting the girls devestate their playroom and veg in front to the tv watching their favorite movies like Shrek, Toy Story, and Bolt. I'm using the inside time to do a little catch up on my laptop.

Here are some pieces form last week....

My Starling Perfume was featured on the Etsy blog a few days ago in a wonderful little article called Etsy Finds:Hot Date.

If you have some time you should definitely hop over there and check out the article. It is an adorable collection of Etsy finds perfect for every imaginable dating senerio. I particularly love the Carnival Joy Ride collection. You can find Starling featured under the Picnic Time collection.

My products were also featured in two new treasuries in the last week! The first is a super fun mix of, well pretty much all facets of Etsy. There are earrings, my Body Butter Creams, paintings, clouds, an orange stuffed lizard, and even a squirrel named Mabel! Life would be so much more fun if more things included a squirrel named Mabel. This treasury, curated bycooliewelryJR, pretty much showcases the fun of Etsy for me. A place where you can find anything and everything, handmade and vintage. Check out Tomatos, lizards, and Mabel.

The second is a jewel green infused treasury called Fresh as Cut Grass and curated by polkadotsmoonbeams. It features an array of items in all shades of green and inspired by grass. I love seeing my Green Grass perfume surrounded by such gorgeous fresh summery items!

Back in May, during my big birthday sale, I held a special raffle for prizes. One of the grand prizes was a Commission a Scent where the winner was able to give me the specs of their dream fragrance and I would create an entire product collection in their scent. Not only was the winner able to completely dream up the fragrance, they also were able to name it and choose the label artwork. So here it is, the first ever Wylde Ivy Commissioned scent...Indigo Moon.

Indigo Moon, dreamed into being by a Wylde Ivy customer, is sugared plums, soft red currants, sweet cream apples, vanilla drenched musk, and sheer white amber. The waning crescent moon hangs delicately in the ink blue sky as a 1000 glistening jeweled stars pierce the indigo night. I loved working on this project and I love the way the scent turned out. Look for this scent to hit my website in a few days.

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Amy Warden said...

Indigo Moon sounds so dreamy! :)