Friday, February 11, 2011

Coming and Going

I need spring to be here. Actually I need summer! The ground here has been snow covered for far, far too long. At this point I'd even welcome the muddy soupy mess that is our yard each March. Even though it is still only three degrees outside, I still get to plan for spring here at Wylde Ivy.

Planning for spring means deciding which scents will go into hibernation and which scents will be emerging again come March 1st.

The following scents will be retiring until next fall:
Amber Chai
Autumn's Promise
As American as Apple Pie
Chocolate Mint Truffle
Berry Crimson
Gingered Vanille
Ginger Brulee
Pumpkin Masquerade
Triple W
Woodland Cider
Woodland Orchard
Winter Cranberry

The following are the scents that will be available again on March 1st:
Dreaming of Violets
Electric Berry
Green Tea Sorbet
Island Beauty
Pale Vanilla
She Sells Sea Shells
Sun Tea
Violet Sun

I'm still working on the re-release list and of coarse working on some all new scents. If there are any spring and summer seasonal scents that you'd like to see brought back, just let me know and I'll see what I can do.

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