Sunday, February 06, 2011

I didn't forget the recipe

For those of you who may be out there waiting, beaters and butter in hand...I didn't forget you! This is what I've been doing instead.

I've been working very late nights in the shop and by the time I quit, pick up all the kid debris that is strewn about our living room, exercise (yes my sanity is questionable when I only start exercising at 11:45pm but it does relax me), and then stew myself in a hot bath while I catch up on some of the blogs I'm subscribed to...I'm pretty much unable to form a cohesive sentence. See, my case in point, look at the size of that last sentence. Surely I must have broken at least six grammer laws there.

I could just throw up a link to the recipe on some other website but I want to give you the full experience. So I'll see you tomorrow then!

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