Thursday, February 03, 2011

The Month of Birthdays

That's right, I have birthdays galore in February. I'll be a cake making machine by month's end. The first is my mom's. The girls and I made her a lemon cream cheese cake with lemon curd filling. Yes, we are a family of lemon lovers. We still have a nice layer of ice coating everything outside so I wanted something to brighten up my mom's day with something sunny looking. What better then a tangy lemon cake and a pile of happy little daisies. The girls are getting to be quite proficient in the kitchen already. My secret evil plan to have them both go to culinary school and then of coarse repay me in culinary delights is coming along quite nicely.

They helped me mold the flowers (eating about half as many as they completed) and then color in the centers after they were dried. They also helped me stick the flowers onto the cake. Ah, marshmallow fondant...the world's yummiest play-doh.

I'll stop by tomorrow and share the recipe.

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