Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Happy Belated Meowloween!

I have been meaning to show you guys the Halloween edition of the Cat Lady Box forever now.  October is the perfect storm of my life.  The busiest season for Wylde Ivy and the busiest season for my photography business and my girls are extra curricular activity junkies.  So now that my household is just a little more stable....take a peek at this! 

This is the Crazy Cat Lady Halloween Edition Subscription box.  I absolutely love anything Halloween and October's box was fab.  The packaging for these boxes is always spectacular and the Halloween themes just put it over the top.   I love, love, love the art card by Denise Every with the five peeking cats.  This box also included fun fluffy cat ears by sugarlux and a gorgouse kitty cameo ring by msformaldehyde.  Since this is the Crazy box it includes two kitty treats.  This month was an adorable Black Cat Mouse by maubemoose with a fun swishy fur tail and stuffed with organic catnip and a Junkfood Flyer by Hauspanther.  Junkfood Flyers are each unique, made of recycled materials, crinkle, crackle, and fly across the floor with the greatest of ease.  Last and totally not least, the Purple Craze Cat Lady T Shirt.  The design is gorgeous purple on black but that is not even the best part.  Cat Lady's t shirts are soft, comfy, and simply perfection!

Cat Lady Boxes are a monthly subscription service that delivers fabulous kitty themed picked right to the doorsteps of cat lovers everywhere! 

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