Tuesday, September 30, 2008

More Custom Shop Scents

Ok, this *should* be my last update to the scent list...as far as brand new scents anyway. I need to stop blending scents and get working on labels, pictures, descriptions, and product listings! The scents that appear in red are the scents I've added today.

Custom Shop Scent List (6th Listing)
African Vanilla Bean
Apple Festival *brand new scent!*
Banana Cake
Bella Vanille
Berry Apple Sorbet
Berry Crimson
BLACKberry Russian *brand new scent!*
Black Cat *brand new scent!*

Black Tobacco *brand new scent!*
Brown Sugar Cream
Chocolate Fatale
Cinnamon Brulee
Crazy Cabana
Dirty Chocolate *brand new scent!*
Ember *brand new scent!*
Fairy Lily
Fig Tart *brand new scent!*
I Like Candy *brand new scent!*
Irish Mocha Cookie *brand new scent!*
Lemon Cream Danish
Lemon Peel & Olive Leaf *brand new scent!*
Lime Margarita
Mint Truffle
Orange Fluff Cake
Perfect Snowflake
Pomegranate Frost
Pumpkin Creme *brand new scent!*
Queen Bee
Smothered in Blueberries *brand new scent!*
Spa Blend
Sugared Mint
Summer Fling
Starling *brand new scent!*
Sugar Rose *brand new scent!*
Sweet Alpine

Sweet Cream *brand new scent!*
Sweet Earth
Sweet Serendipity
Tangerine Loves Peach
Tahitian Vanilla Creme *brand new scent!*
Wood Nymph *brand new scent!*

Woodland Orchard

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