Friday, September 05, 2008

Two New Etsy Exclusive Perfumes are Here!

I have neglected adding anything new to my Etsy store for the past week or too. So to make up for it, I've now added two perfumes that everyone has been waiting for...Moonflower and Teak!
They are only available on Etsy!

Moonflower ~ This stunning cool floral blend invokes visions of sheer white petals glowing under the moonlight. Moonflowers are crisp white flowers that bloom under the rising moon. They fragrance the night with their gorgeous and subtle gardenia like fragrance. This is the scent of Moonflower petals wrapped in velvet moonlight, fresh jasmine and sandalwood, violets and sheer musk. This is a simply magnificent scent.

Teak ~ Dark and resinous woods blended with a touch of amber and smooth vanilla with just a hint of old world spices. A perfect, sophisticated scent

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