Monday, January 05, 2009

Big Soap News and Restocking Sceduale

Wow, the end of the year sale certainly depleted my soap stock! I'm working hard to get it all restocked, but since the handmade soap must cure for at least four weeks, some of the restocks will be just a few more weeks.

Since the Pure Butter Unscented Spa Soap is so wildly popular but so many of you have requested it a scented variety, I've decided to do something a little different! I will be making a large number of the soaps from the Classic Line in the Pure Butter formula! That's right, now you can have your favorite Wylde Ivy scents made with your soap recipe! Look for the Pure Butter formula available in African Vanilla Bean, Creamy Coconut, Electric Berry, Little Shop in Oliva Bella, Salem, Spa Blend, and White Cashmere....and more on the way! I also have two Deli Soaps, Sweet Alpine and Teak that will be released shortly in the Pure Butter recipe.

Back in Stock Now:

Blackberry Cotton Candy

Ready January 12th:

African Vanilla Bean

Creamy Coconut

Pure Butter

Neem and Tee Tree

Ready January 19th:

Little Shop in Salem

Electric Berry

Spa Blend

White Cashmere

Sweet Alpine


Oliva Bella

The following soaps (since they are summer scents) will be released later this spring:



Summer Fling


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