Monday, January 05, 2009

The Shop is Ready!

Ahhhh, ok everything is done. Well not everything. I still need to do a little this and that to tidy up the shop but all the important updates are finished.

Here's a little rundown on the happenings:

1. The Custom Shop is now open and stocked! Feel free to place your orders!

2. There are six new scents in the Custom Shop all inspired by Valentine's Day, the color pink, warm fuzzies, and love.

3. You can now prebuy soaps that have a scheduled release date! You will see a "Ready Date" for the soap in the soap title. Just note that your entire order will be held until your soap is ready. If you don't want to wait for your order, just come back to the site and order your soap separately.

4. All of the new soaps (well the ones available for PreBuy anyway) are now made with the beloved Pure Butter soap formula! That is right, now you can have your Pure Butter scented! In case you don't know what Pure Butter was my most popular soap of 2008! It is a extra luxurious Spa Soap that I could never seem to keep in stock, despite being unscented!

5. The Custom Shop now has a BIG 8 ounce Body Butter Cream option.

6. Get 10% off your orders in January! Just use JAN10 in the coupon code field in the shopping cart. Offer expires January 31 2009!

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