Friday, January 30, 2009

Sandcastles and Aerial Availabel Now on Etsy!

I know that I've been scarce lately. I'm working on organizing my workshop, packing and processing room, and my product storage spaces. This is a bigger job then I thought!

I know lots of you love Sandcastles and were sorry to see Aerial leave the website and move over to the Custom Shop. So, I made up just a few and added them to my Etsy shop!
Sandcastles was my bestselling scent last year! It is just so incredible and unique. I get emails about it all the time. The same is true for Aerial as well. I worked on that scent for a few weeks, perfecting it. It is breath taking, feminine, and airy...a euphoric vision!
Aerial literally means, “existing or living in the air”. This white musk and floral fragrance is so sheer, so airy and light it will whisk you away for a walk in the clouds. In fact, if clouds had a fragrance, this is what they would smell like. Top notes of fresh and sexy White Musk blend into the flawless beauty of delicate white petals and end with an ever so soft blend white tea leaves.
An extremely unique fragrance that is reminiscent of a vacation beach house windswept with cool fall beach breezes. Not a typical water scent by any means, this scent is fresh, sweet, and dreamlike blend of Coconut, Ginger, and Citrus fruits.

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