Monday, January 05, 2009

Holiday Vacation and Product News

The holidays sure did come and go quickly this year. I guess they always do. We had a wonderful "first Christmas" here with the girls. Even though at 10 months old, they didn't understand the concept of the holidays or gifts, they sure did seem to have fun.

Look for a new Soap Sampler later this month!

I'm putting together a new type of Soap Sampler that I'll have up on the website later this month...sometime around the week of January 12th. It will consist of four "half bars" instead of the Mini Bars I offered in the past. The half bars will be easier to hold and use and will also lather better since there is more surface area to the soap. I'll be putting together these sets with predetermined scent selections. You will be able to choose the set that you would like.

Custom Shop News
I'm running just a little bit behind schedule here. The good news is almost all of the emails that I received during the closure are replied to and I have a good bit of work done on the website. I do need to list some more items in the Custom Shop. I have a few more things to add to the Custom Shop. There are 6 new scents added to the Custom Shop...all in a Valentine's Day theme!

Airy wisps of sugar, hints of ripe blackberry bushes, the mingling of pink candy lollipops and pure vanilla, with just a touch of sheer musk bring visions of the sweet innocence of that first crush on a summer day.

He Loves Me
The air is perfumed of early summer wildflowers, lush green grass cooled by the morning dew, and a romantic and soft white musk. The warm sunlight on your face, the sweet floral aroma washing over you as you pluck the last petal...He Loves Me! Notes of: Dew laden Lilac, Orchid, Freesia, Wildflowers, and Musk.

He Loves Me Not
The summer day has turned dark, clouds filling the once bright sky. There is only the barest hint of the flower in your hand as you take shelter beneath the towering old trees. The last petal falls to the mossy forest floor...He Loves Me Not. Notes of: Vanilla, Jasmine, Orchid, Dry Wood, and Black Musk.

Love Puff
The early days of love may just be the only time you can get away with all of those silly pet names, like "Honeykins", "Love Lumps", "Snookie-ookims", or "Love Puff"! Then again, there is always Valentine's Day! Notes of: Strawberry Drenched White Cake, Marshmallows, Powdered Sugar.

Pink Chiffon
If you could smell the color pink, this would be it! Not overly floral but not too much fruit either, the scent is a perfect blend of summer Melons, sweet white floral, and Mimosa.

Simple Love
To honor my twin baby girls, I wanted to create a fragrance to reflect the amazing feeling of being the presence of uncomplicated, perfect, unconditional...Simple Love. A light, airy fragrance of euphoria, gentle and inviting. Like love, this has a delicate nature, yet invokes such powerful emotions. Let Simple Love surround you. Notes of: White Lily of the Valley, Dewy Moss, Pure Vanilla, Pink Jasmine, Mandarin Peel, Sweet Berry, and White Musk.

I also added the seasonal summer scents to the Custom Shop like Coconut Island Castaway, Sandcastles, Sun Tea, Lemon-tine, Electric Berry, Green Grass, Iced Mango, Island Beauty, Juicy, OlivaBella, Pink Strawberry Citrus, and Violet Sun.

More news to come when I get everything finished up!

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Anonymous said...

Love Puff is a must have! It sounds yummy (drooling)!

Happy New Year and can't wait to order again. I'm hoping to stock up on The Great Christmas Tree Hunt Soap, I wuv it.

LavenderPaintbrush (Beth)