Friday, June 13, 2008

New Perfume Bottles

I’ve received a few emails regarding the new perfume bottles. I have been noticing an increase in instances of leaking with the shiny silver sprayers and lids that I was using. I decided to make the switch to the matte silver sprayers after testing them for a few months and noting no leak issues. These sprayers do not come with a dust cap like the other bottles, but are shipped with a shipping clip in place to secure them in transit. My testers have not noted any problematic leaking during daily use with these new sprayers.

Some people have expressed a desire for the shiny silver sprayers with the silver caps that were used on the perfumes in the past. If you would prefer your perfumes with the old style sprayer and lid please just make a note in the comments section during checkout. I’d be happy to include one with your order for no extra charge. You will just need to trim the dip tube of the sprayer before applying it to you bottle.

If you are looking for a safe, secure way of traveling with your perfumes, you may wish to consider our perfume atomizers. These are glass bottles that are enclosed inside of an aluminum shell and tight fitting lid. They are perfect for traveling and are refillable!

Of coarse, if problems should arise with the new perfume bottles I will research new alternatives until I find the perfect solution!

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