Tuesday, June 10, 2008

What happened to the June 9th soap release?

Yes, I had a small group of soaps scheduled for release on June 9th. Since I'm nearing completion of the summer line, I have decided to hold the soap release so I can offer everything together. Right now, I'm looking at the summer release for late this week. I'll have June 9th and 16th soaps ready at that time as well as the complete line of summer scents and TWO Scents of the Month!

The summer line scents will consist of:

Pink Strawberry Citrus
Coconut Island Castaway
OlivaBella (formally known as Tuscan Garden)
Iced Mango
Island Beauty
Sun Tea
Violet Sun

Our Scents of the Month will be:

Creamy Coconut
Green Grass

Along with all these new products, I also have a bunch of new soaps and new perfume samples! Stay tuned for news on the release while I go back to feverishly labeling all these new products!

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