Friday, June 13, 2008

Updates from the past few days....

Ahhhh, it has been a long past few days. Getting all the products ready for the summer release was a big accomplishment since I haven't been able to put the kind of hours in that I did in the past (before having 4 month old twins that is!).

Just some little tidbits that I've been meaning to post about and haven't had a chance.

Name that Scent Contest
A big THANK YOU to everyone who entered the contest. I received tons of great suggestions! It took a very long time to go through each submission and narrow it down. The final name I chose was OlivaBella. I'm actually still working choosing a new description for the scent (I received a lot of those as well!). The names everyone submitted were so good that I'm keeping a file. If I ever decide to use them in the future, or even build a scent around the name, I'll send some goodies your way!

One Woman Show
It is always embarrassing when I realize that I have made an error on the website, either in the form of a typo, misspelling, incorrect link etc. I do proof read...I really do (it is just sometimes I'm proof reading at 3 am and I guess I'm not that efficient at it). I want to apologize for that. Most of the time I'm trying to do four things at once. It has become even more difficult now as I am back to running Wylde Ivy completely on my own. I'm officially a one woman show here now and I'm still trying to get in that hang of running my family with the two newest additions to the mix!

Thank you so much to everyone who takes the time to write and report and errors or broken links that they find. Just remember, if something on the website is not working correctly for you, your user account goes awry, or any other silly little thing, you can contact me and I'll do my best to get it all patched up for you!

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