Wednesday, December 14, 2011

11th Day of Joy

A Handwritten Letter

I correspond with people all day long and close to seven days a week. I spend countless hours typing away. Emails, text messages, convos, status updates, tweets, tags, instant messages....the history of my adult life neatly organized into to short typed blurbs.

Real mail, the paper kind that gets delivered to the house has turned into nothing more then a mundane daily task of weeding out the bills from the junk. Aside from packages arriving with handmade goodies that I always look forward to, nothing special is ever delivered by the way of paper mail.

This time of year, our postal carrier's sack is extra loaded. More junk mail and credit offers, store flyers, and of coarse the annual avalanche of holiday cards arrived at our door everyday.  I always look forward to that avalanche. I love Christmas cards...the colors, the glitter, and the photos.

Yesterday however, I get an extra special treat. Something arrived at my door so rare in these times that I actually cannot remember the last time I received one. What is this elusive little piece of joy? It was something so simple....a handwritten letter. In a time of being connected with the world, but hardly connected at all, what a beautiful little treasure.

Consider brightening the day of someone you know with some simple written words.  

A special thanks to Grace of Grace's Garden Walk for the little piece of joy brought to my day. 

This post is part of 12 Days of Joy where I am celebrating the holiday season by sharing simple little joys in my life.  See also: 
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Grace said...

Awww! Indeed, there isn't quite anything like a handwritten letter no matter how small or big it may be. I am so glad that you enjoyed it, for I just wanted to express my heart-felt thanks for everything you did. Thank you again so much for EVERYTHING!!! It was amazing "working" with you, and I pray that you have a very blessed Christmas.