Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Big Reveal Party - Day 2

It seems you can't step into a store anywhere without coming across some Halloween decorations.  Because of this and because I have two four year olds, we've been decorated for Halloween for about two weeks now.  Wiggling, smiling, metal spiders peek out from my massive hosta plants in front of our house.  We have styrofoam skulls and tiny resin skeletons all over our living room.  A beautiful, but creepy Victorian clad skeleton watches, slightly arrogantly, from a high shelf by our front door. I feel that she does not approve of my housekeeping skills as of late.  Sorry ma'am, I have perfumes to create, the dust can wait.  The girls are completely obsessed with bones and xrays right now so naturally they are loving the Halloween skeletons.  These are just the decorations that we've picked up this year.  They've been pestering to get the rest of our Halloween paraphernalia out.  Soon girls, soon.  All the early Halloween merchandise certainly fueled the completion of my next two projects.

This year TWO new monsters will be joining the Monsters In Love Collection!  I'm really excited about these!  For those of you who were not with me last year, my Monsters In Love Collection is a fun Halloween project I do every year.  I create scents based on famous monster figures.  Not just any monsters though, monsters in love.  The idea struck me when I was reading a silly short story about zombies called This Year’s Class Picture by Dan Simmons.  Basically it is about a school teacher who survived the zombie apocalypse and now teaches (or tries to teach) a fourth grade class of zombie children which she's found out wondering around.  Of coarse teaching a class full of forth grade zombies is about as hard as....well, teaching a fourth grade class.  This teacher is allowed to chain the kids to their desks, however, something that I think is frowned upon in today's education system.   Antics ensue and the story ends with a profound revelation about society and social acceptance.  No, not really...but it is a fun little story which can be found in The Living Dead Anthology.  I amused myself  by thinking about zombies in situations other than the usual pack wondering, brain craving way.  Thus the thought of a zombie getting ready to go on a date popped into my head and of coarse, being me, I had to envision it in scent.  I think we tend to forget that monsters have normal every day lives.  They brush their teeth (well some of them anyway), get dressed, and go to work like everyone else.  Lets face it, monsters are people too.

The New Monsters
Wrapped Up in You (Mummy)
Older man seeking a fresh young woman for long term relationship...
He is warm and sensuous and loves comfortable nights at home.  His last relationship went a bit stale, so he is getting out in the dating scene again and looking for a new love.  This is one guy who doesn’t mind waiting for Ms. Right.  His courtship ritual is quite that, a ritual.  He’ll draw you a nice bath of warm milk swirled with golden honey.   After a good long soak he’ll provide you with only the finest cuddly cotton to dry you.  The mummy loves lavish scents (anything to cover up that pesky scent of  packing dust).  He will adorn you with myrrh and frankincense and perhaps the faintest touch of spice.  The Mummy is one guy who is not afraid of commitment.  Once he’s found the right girl, he’s in it for the long haul (and so is she).
Notes of: Myrrh, warm milk, golden honey, frankincense, rosewood, old world spice, dried tobacco leaves, and incense smoke.  Wrapped Up in You goes on sweet and comforting and dries down to a more complex dry honey scent.

Stuck on You (The Blob)
You may not like The Blob at first.  In fact, he can be downright annoying.  But there is just something about his guy.  He sort of grows on you after awhile.  The Blob loves to cuddle, he’s a bit “touchy feely”.  In fact this guy doesn’t know the meaning of the words “personal space”.  While at first you may find the clinging a bit off putting, after a while you will start to relax into the arrangement.    You will see that The Blob can be quite sweet once you give him a chance.    He is one guy who will never stray far from you…or at least you will never stray far from him…ever.
Notes of: sticky, melted fruit candy, dried cotton candy, a touch of strawberries and sweet musk.  Stuck on You goes on candy sweet and melts beautifully into a smooth, mellow sugar musk  

The Rest of the Monsters

A Little Lighter the Usual (Ghost)
She was happy once, very happy. Newly married to the love of her life, happiness and a world of possibilities lay ahead of them. They say that you never know what you have until it is gone but this was never the case with her and her love. They cherished each other, lived for each other. The lay in the dark just talking for hours about nothing and everything.

They had given their entire selves to each other…but life has a funny way of rushing on without when you are so absorbed in love. So it seemed that they lost their happiness quickly as well. They now passed each other, two ships in the night, seeming to never speak a word. In his eyes where she once found warmth and passion now only lay emptiness and regret. Even the air around them seemed heavier. At times it was hard for her to catch her breath. It was as if she was moving against an invisible tide, like being caught in a waking dream. She’d see him sitting quietly in deep contemplation and she would so desperately want to speak to him, to say anything, but the words just never seemed to come. She’d want to reach for him but something always made her keep her distance. He never even looked at her anymore. His eyes would drift in her direction at times, but it was as if he just didn’t see her.

She so desperately needed to know what came between them, how things changed so drastically. She struggled to remember anything, any tiny detail but it was just so hard to think. The only images her mind could conjure were of the driving rain on the windshield that black night, a blur of light and sound, and finally the image of her bare feet dripping water onto cold cement of the porch as she sat alone on the creaking swing waiting for him to open the door. Perhaps it was only her who had changed. She did feel strange these days, not quite herself…almost a little lighter then usual. If she could just somehow find her way back to him she knew they could be happy again.

A haunting and sheer fragrance, both beautiful and a little sad.
Soft notes of white musk, vanilla orchid, raw vanilla beans, tonka bean, bergamot, vanilla infused sugar, lily of the valley, and wet blackberries

Zombie went a Courtin' (Zombie)
Ah, the zombie. They are neither witty nor smart, and about as charming as a cinderblock. However, what the zombie lacks in charisma, he makes up for in devotion. When a zombie falls in love, there quite literally is nothing in the world that will keep him away from her. Slow and steady, he will make his way over walls, around burning cars, through muddy trenches until he is finally at his love’s side. Sure, he may loose an arm or the flesh from his torso, but what is that really in the grand scheme of things?
The scent of undying devotion. Notes of earth, heavy frankincense, black pepper, and crushed chocolates (that he so thoughtfully brought with him).

Eye of the Wolf (Werewolf)
Werewolves are quite creatures in their human form, for they have many secrets to keep. They are forever hunted, forever on the run. Though they have immeasurable strength, there is a tender loyalty about them that makes them gentle when they are truly happy. If you catch a werewolf’s eye, you just may find yourself whisked away, deep into the forest. This is where he feels the safest. Here you will be kept, where he hopes one day you will see what lies behind his wolf eyes.
The scent of brooding strength. Notes of cedar wood, vanilla, warm musk, and small woodland flowers.

Lovesick & Undead (Vampire)
Vampires are old things. They've walked the earth for centuries but in trade, lost everyone they've ever loved. They tend to build up walls, and no one can really blame them. Their greatest gift of immortality can also be their greatest pain. It happens however, at least once, to even the hardest of vampires...they slip, they fall in love. It may be the sun flecked highlights glistening in her hair, or her summer sky blue eyes. She reminds him of his lost life, his lost humanity, his lost sun. Once it happens, he falls in love fast and hard. He loves her warmth, her delicate body, the passion and fear of life that all mortals possess. He loves her mortality too much to turn her and as happens with all fragile humans the light of her life vanishes one day. So he sits, locked away in the damp and dark pining for his lost love. He obsesses over her memory, etching the details deep into his mind. The days roll into years, years to centuries, and he walks on, alone and grieving for his lost love and lost sun.
The scent of long lost love and mortality. Notes of earth, decaying wood, and leather with just a hint of orange blossoms and wildflower honey.

She Deviled (Devil)
She had a very good job once. She was a shoulder angel. You know those tiny voices that whisper to you when you are stuck between choosing right and wrong? There is always a good voice cheering you on telling you what you need to hear and there is always the sinister little bad voice planting those dark little seeds telling you want you want to hear. Don’t laugh, it is a real job…and a highly respectable position at that. She was a good shoulder angel and she loved it. She was great at it. She prided herself on having over an 85% success rate in all of her centuries of employment. She’d whispered to literally 1000s of men and women, even children. She was given some of the most difficult cases. She was always professional always polite and never, ever did she let herself get attached to her clients. Never, until that last one.

She fell hard for him. To this day she doesn’t know quite what it was. Perhaps his deep slightly raspy voice, or the way he smelled after a shower, or the way her ran his fingers through his hair when he was in deep thought. She found herself completely defenseless with him and completely obsessed. She could not leave him even after she had been given her reassignments and ultimately her unceremonious discharge from duties.

She stayed with him, desperately trying to win his love. If only she could make him see her. Her obsession turned into resentment. She began to see that she’d never had him the way that she wanted him. Now, she works pro bono whispering into the ears of women giving them the tiny little pushes they need to get themselves noticed. So if you ever feel just slightly devilish, it just may be you own personal she devil on your shoulder.

She Deviled is fiery and rich. This is the color of red, invoking visions of red leather boots, smoldering black lined eyes, and a confidant smirk.
Notes of cinnamon leaf, dried black currants, wood smoke, dying embers, aged vanilla, blackened cedar, and amber resin

These scents and more hit the shop September 17th.  Tomorrow continues with Day 3 of my Big Reveal Party.   I have more exciting news to share if anything could be more exciting then a fun Halloween collection!  Just follow me here on my Blog, Facebook, and Twitter and you won't miss any of the excitement. 


Maggie said...

The Monsters Collection is such a fabulous idea. You make perfume fun! I have all the Monsters from last year and I can't wait to add to my collection. Hurry up September 17th!!!! I'm so excited to try the blob. A monster that smells like candy is genius. You are a genius!

Wylde Ivy said...

Maggie, I'm so happy you are having fun with your Monster Collection! I hope you enjoy the Blob and Mummy. Thanks so much!