Tuesday, September 04, 2012

The Big Reveal Party and Flash Sale!

So I've been missing in action here for many months.  I'll have more on my latest adventures soon.  I just want to get some important shop new out here first.  This is an exciting month at Wylde Ivy!

The HUGE New Collection
It's that time of year again.  Time to put away the Spring and Summer scents and break out the Fall and Winter Scents.  This year I'm bringing back many of your favorites from last year as well as releasing an all new seasonal lineup.  This is an amazing collection! There is a beautiful range of scents....truly something for everyone.  I must be feeling particularity festive this year because this release is huge.  Between the past scents that I'm bringing back and the all new ones, I think it is my biggest release ever!  I didn't even mention the Monsters in Love Halloween collection which I'll be releasing this month as well.

Release Date
My projected release date for the new scents is September 17th.   This release is so big, I want to allow for a chance that there will be a delay do to unforeseen circumstances.  I'm still putting the finishing touches on the collection, like tweaking the names, polishing the descriptions, and putting together the label art.

Collection Reveal Party
I'm going to tease you a little and draw out the excitement, while giving myself time to finish everything.  The scents will be revealed little by little over the next 12 days.  Along the way I'm going to surprise you with giveaways and flash sales.  It will be like a Collection Reveal party!

Don't worry, I won't fill your inbox with daily emails.  I will send out one more newsletter at the end to recap all the information so you can be sure you didn't miss anything. 

I'll be holding the Reveal Party here on my Blog, Facebook, and Twitter.  Just follow me on at least one of those and you won't miss any of the excitement. 

Retiring Scents
For now, lets get the not so fun business out of the way.  With all the new scents I'm bringing in, I have to put some away.  These scents will be going into retirement on September 30th.  I have to mention however, that some of the scents are limited in quantity.  If they sell out before the retirement date, I will not be restocking them.  The scent denoted with a star are of limited availability.

Retiring Scents
Creamy Coconut
Dragonfly Blue
Dreaming of Violets
Green Grass
Island Beauty
Pale Vanilla
Olive Leaf and Lemon*
She Sells Sea Shells
She's So Flirty

Where's the Soap?

September is all about scents.  October will be all about soap.  I just can't do it all at once.  I share more details about the Fall and Winter soap lineup as soon as I can.

Today's Reveal

Today I'm revealing which previous Wylde Ivy scents are coming back this year.  Are you ready? 

Amber Chai
Alas, Sunflower
Ginger & Brulee
Gingered Vanille
Kiss Me in the Park
Mystic Amber
Neroli Creme
Not Falling
Pumpkin Creme
Pumpkin Masquerade
Sweet Earth
Vintage Honey
Winter Cranberry
Woodland Cider

The Party Continues
Remember the party continues for the next 12 days with more new scent reveals and some fun surprises!  Be sure to stop back here, Facebook, or Twitter for all the details.  I won't be sending out daily newsletters.  You will receive one more newsletter on the 17th, officially announcing the Fall and Winter release and recapping all the new scents.

Scent of the Month
Spa Soap As if the news above wasn't big enough!  September brings you not one, but two scents of the month!  The first Scent of the Month is an old favorite, one of the very first scents that Wylde Ivy carried...Spa Blend!  I'm excited for this one as it is one of my personal favorites. You can find these two scents on their own Scent of the Month page.

Spa Blend

Spa Blend is a delightfully complex.  Sliced grapefruits sweetened with fresh peach nectar, crushed blood orange, and wildflower honey on a bed of rose and neroli blossoms sprinkled with crystallized ginger.  Spa blend is fresh, sweet, invigorating, and upscale.  You just have to try this one.

Of coarse I couldn't say goodbye to summer without releasing a scrumptious fall scent.  Fall Mountain Festival is a delightful fragrance commissioned by one of Wylde Ivy's very own customers. 

Want to win a chance to create your own Wylde Ivy scent?  Stay tuned for news on that later on during the Reveal Party!

Fall Mountain Festival

If you travel deep into the heart of the mountains on a beautiful autumn weekend you are sure to find at least on fall festival celebration.  Kettle corn and woodsmoke mingle in the air along with the scent of dried oak leaves and hay bales sweeten with crushed Granny Smith apples, a touch of vanilla, and caramelized sugar.  Autumn at its very best.

Flash 15 Sale
 if you stuck with me through all that reading, here's a little surprise for you!  Use coupon code FLASH15 to take 15% off your order.  Stock up on any retiring Spring and Summer scents you can't live without and try a new Scent of the Month! 

Coupon valid for 24 hours only!  Offer expires September 5th at 4PM EST.    Coupon is valid in my main shop at www.wyldeivy.com as well as my Etsy shop at www.wyldeivy.etsy.com.  Code must be entered during checkout to be eligible.  Offer cannot be combined with previously completed order that have already shipped (orders still in house will have the discount applied to them).

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