Thursday, September 13, 2012

Day 10 Reveal - Starcrossed Lovers and a Giveaway

We are on Day 10 of the Big Reveal Party!  Everything that is being featured will be available on September 17th!  Today's reveal is special.  Today I have two scents and they come to you as a pair. 

Romeo and Juliet's tragic love story is the most famous of all time and who could forget about the tales of King Aurthur, Lancelot and Guinevere?  Before Romeo died for his Juliet, before Lancelot decived his King, Tristan loved Isolde.  Tristan and Isolde's 12th century tale of love and tradagy has been told and retold in countless forms from poetry to operas and in many different verisons.  I am particularity fond of the version that has Tristan and Isolde mistakenly and unknowingly drinking a love potion and falling desperately in love while he is taking her to marry his uncle and adopted father.  It is a terrible love triangle.  They all care about each other, Tristan to his uncle who loves him as a son, Isolde to her husband (Tristan's uncle) because he is such a good man, and of coarse the unstoppable love between Tristan and Isolde that destroys them all.

Tristan's Desire
Tristan moved easily through the low branches and tangles of overgrown brush.  He'd picked his way along this path by nothing more then the starlight many times before.  He quickened pace. His feet seemed to move of their own accord now, perhaps driven by the the hope rising in his chest.  Would he find her there tonight? In his mind, he could see her there now bathed in the pale light of the moon.  Begrudgingly, he slowed.  So close, he used caution.  He moved now without a sound, carefully picking his steps.  He paused at the old oak. His hands upon the callous bark he steadied his breath.  A knot grew in is stomach.  Why did he feel that he could not live without her?  A thousand vile thoughts rushed into his head.  If Isolde had chosen not to meet him, did his uncle really know...he ended those thoughts as he felt his strength begin to leave him.  He had to be strong.  In a quick movement that required more courage then charging into battle, he sidestepped from behind the tree and entered the clearing.

In the distance, Isolde's small figure cloaked in blue, stood beside the water.  Even though the darkness enveloped her, could see the look in her eyes.  He knew.

Tristan's scent is the comfort of the forest woods, the warmth of exotic saffron and cinnamon, a touch of dried rose petals.  A treacherous tryst and undying romance, Tristan's Desire is wonderfully unisex. 
Notes of:  cedarwood, teak, sandalwood, faded rose petals, almond flowers, saffron, cinnamon bark, vanilla and musk.

Isolde's Wish
It was never easy for her.  She never had power over her love that grew for Tristan.  She belonged to the king.  She new her place, yet some strange force took a hold of her heart along the way and it was no longer hers to control.  She lived for her secret moments with Tristan.  It was as if her heart only beat for him, yet it broke every time they met. 

She watched the flowers sway slightly by the waters edge, their reflection danced in the water.  Tristan wanted to leave with her.  He was expecting an answer.  He should have been waiting here already.  A weight grew in her chest as she began to wonder if he would come.  Panic broke through the weight when she began to question if she'd ever see him again at all.   She felt her chest tighten at the thought, her eyes burned.  Could she even survive without her Tristan?  As she questioned this, a movement caught her eye and Tristan's form stepped into the clearing.  One look from him and she knew she would never survive without him, yet she still didn't have an answer. 

Isolde's scent is the lingering warmth of Tristan on her skin, his love which gives her hope and destroys, white flowers, moonlight, and love.
Notes of: dewy jasmine, cedar wood, sandalwood, faded rose petals, almond flowers, vanilla, saffron and musk.

Create Your Very Own Wylde Ivy Scent
It's here, the chance to be my muse and take charge of the creation of an all new Wylde Ivy scent!   The winner will dream up the scent and I make it happen. Would you choose Vanilla Rose Musk?  Done!  How about Jasmine Pineapple Honey Cake?  Done!  Done!  Possibly a scent with a little story about a raven calling to you from a snow covered tree in on December know I love a challenge!  Done!

Not only do you have full creative control over the fragrance, you also get to choose the final label art and name if you wish. You will receive three products of your choice in your scent creation. I will then make your new scent creation available to purchase in my shop.
Other Commission a Scent winners have inspired awesome scents like this month's Scent of the Month Fall Mountain Festival, 50's Diner, Indigo Moon, and Alas, Sunflower.

Instructions, rules and fine print for the Commission a Scent Prize:
- Please give me up to 90 days to complete your scent.  Past winners will attest that I am very picky about my scents.  Often times I spend a great deal of time scouring sources for new aroma components and the exact piece of the fragrance puzzle.  I make many different versions before settling on one.  I will be in contact with you the entire time, getting feedback and giving you updates.
- Contest is opens now and ends Sunday September 16, 2012 at 11:59pm EST.
- Entering is easy.  Simply use the form below to submit your entries.  One of the entries will ask you to leave your answer as a comment to this blog post.  I would like to know what one scent triggers fall or winter memories for you.  This could be a food, spice, plant, or perfume.  Anything that inspires you to celebrate the seasons.  You get an additonal entry for "liking" Wylde Ivy on Facebook and for following Wylde Ivy on Twitter.
- Winner will be randomly chosen (by the handy new Rafflecopter program) from entries received.
- Winner will be announced on Monday September 17th.
- Good luck and have fun!

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Roma Kiss said...

While Autumn is triggered by every usual holiday and fall scent, the one that screams AUTUMN IS COMING! is a slightly chill breeze rolling through an early morning fog over a field of freshly rolled hay bales.

It has all the triggers for me of fall. Weather change, harvest coming in, and the fact that I'm able to see morning fog shows that the days are getting shorter. It's relaxing, uplifting, makes me want to change with the seasons.

So excited for these Autumn scents! they sound absolutely beautiful.

Sea Gypsy said...

There are so many smells that put me in the spirit for Autumn and Winter. One of my most treasured is the scent of a burning pile of leaves wafting through the chilled air. Does it for me every time. : )

Thanks for another great giveaway! Oh, and the Tristan & Isolde scents sound spectacular!! Not to mention that is one of my most adored love stories. I feel a purchase coming on...


Patti said...

Winter is the icy cold of fresh snow, mixed with maple syrup and vanilla to make maple taffy. So yummy and so winter.

Finn's Mom said...

I love the smell of burning leaves and it always makes me feel like fall is here.

Pixie Treats Bath & Body said...

When I used to live in the mountains I used to love the smell of a fire place burning and the scent of pine in the air. You walk outside, take a deep breath and the cold air fills your lungs and awakens all your senses. Release the air and you can see your breath. I can close my eyes and still smell this beautiful fragrance even if it is only in my imagination. : )

Holly canfield said...

Spiced pumpkin pie. It's fall and time to harvest pumpkins and make pie!

Samcalam said...

The smell of baked potatoes and turnip lanterns! I remember spending HOURS as a kid in UK hollowing out turnips for Halloween and I moved to Canada and they do pumpkins I was so shocked SO much easier!! And way more delicious!!

Unknown said...

Fall is my favorite time of year, especially when you walk out the door and immediately get hit with the smell of leaves in the air. It's the time for harvesting the honey, going apple picking, making apple pies and apple crisp!! mmmm

Jessica Butcher said...

I love the smell of apple cider! Nothing says Fall has arrived more than the smell of crisp apples and cinnamon.

Jessica Butcher said...
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Sharon said...

Anything that smells of pumpkin reminds me of fall. And of course, the scent of fresh fallen leaves. It triggers those childhood memories of jumping into a huge pile of leaves someone just raked up.

The Meadow said...

Definitely PUMPKIN, apple cider, and cranberry scents make me think of fall!!!

LOVE all the new scents Ashlee!

Luisa Tao said...

The smell of rain. I grew up in the southwest of China, winter usually not that harsh. In the end of fall and the beginning of winter, we have raining season. It seemed never end once started. humid air gives you a sticky feeling makes you want to stay in bed all day. In the night you get the best sleep ever, with the sound of dripping water, showering rain and the smell of wet leaves.

Damned if I Do Damned if I Don't said...

That ozonic rain that comes so rarely in these parts, bring the feeling of "Autumn" to me. As for Winter, warm, nutty, and sweet Amaretto Cake; pine needles, and crisp cold air are as comforting to me as a down comforter.

Marie said...

I love the smell of fall mornings: chilly but sunlit air, leaves, and drying grasses.

Monica said...

Apples (red or green)= my favorite fall note!

Karen I said...

The scents that reminds me of fall is leaves, a bonfire, pumpkin, hay rides, apple cider, s'mores and cool crisp air. I especially love how my skin and hair smell after being outside all afternoon playing and raking leaves.

Wylde Ivy said...

I can't tell you how much I love reading these! I seriously have read them all multiple times. It is so wonderful to catch a glimpse of the different seasons in different regions and parts of the world. I love imagining life in different places. Thank you all for sharing, I am treasuring these!

Anonymous said...

For me, for fall, it would have to be the change in the scent of the air. I have a hard time describing the smell, I just can't articulate it. It's *almost* more of a feeling than an actual scent, but it is a scent. I can smell it outside, of course, but also in my house. When I begin to detect that change in the air I know that fall is coming (as much of a fall as we get in Texas, anyway).

Selki said...

I have 2 scents that always trigger winter for me -- the smell of the smoke from various fireplaces wafting through the outside air & cinnamon. It seems like all of the stores have cinnamon scented items out in the winter, so I can't smell cinnamon without thinking of winter.

christy c said...

Roasted marshmallows, campfire smoke and pine trees and cool fall air.

N. said...

I am wild for the scent of a bonfire on a crisp fall day. The thought of a hot toddy to grasp hold of for some additional warmth and the soft comfort of my well worn, hand-me-down suede field coat with a hint of my mother's perfume-Hermes Caleche-is enough to get my heart racing.Fall is
my great love that I long for when other season's take over for a time. It is too fleeting, but treasured for the brief respite.