Sunday, September 16, 2012

Day 13 Reveal - A Bonus Monster!

 I had been referring to this scent as Scent Number 12 for the past 12 days.  I almost named it 12...seriously.  This scent was a little bit of a problem child for me.  I loved it but I simply had such a creative block when it came to naming and describing it.  You see, I created it with a specific theme in mind.  I created it, loved it, and added it to the line up.  Each day I spent time trying to name it and each day I drew a blank.  The scent evolved and bloomed to way past the theme I was initially creating it for so much so that it no longer seemed to fit.  I had to come up with something new.  This scent is so unique nothing seemed special enough.  So it was pushed from Day 3 to 4 to 5 and so on through all the days of the Big Reveal Party to buy some more time for myself.  Finally after a long Day 12 when I as so close to naming it 12  it came to me like a bolt of lighting.  I called all of my product testers who all adamantly agreed that it was a great fit.  A bonus monster was born.  In case you not familiar with my Monsters in Love Collection, you can check them out here.

The Shocking Moment  (Bride of Frankenstein)
     She sat gazing at her reflection in the mirror.  Her dress was a beautiful antique ivory lace, her jet black hair piled perfectly high, her makeup….flawless.  Everything seemed so right yet she could not help but wonder if she was ready for the commitment.  Sure he wasn’t perfect, but who was?   He was big and brooding, a little clumsy at times.  Though he seemed gruff on the outside, he really was quite a softie inside.  He liked daisies and kittens and watching the rain, though he’d never admit that to his friends.  Oh who was she kidding?  He didn’t really have friends unless you count that creepy little lab geek he hung around with.   She just couldn’t stand the way he wrung his hands and the devilish smile that crossed his lips every time he saw her.  It was as if he was planning something.
    What more could a girl ask for?  Yeah, she had caught him licking an outlet once.  She’d never quite figured that one out.  She just decided to put that out of her mind…that, and the slight green hue he had to his skin.  It must just be the lighting in her house.  Surely on their exotic island honeymoon he’d soak up some sun and look a little more…lively.  He had let her do all the planning.  He’s such a sweetheart like that.  She talked and talked a great long time about all the arrangements and he’d simply sat quietly and grunted his agreements.  Those were grunts of agreement, right?
    Well, this had to be it.  She wasn’t getting any younger right?  Marriage proposals just don’t grow on trees and she was looking forward to moving out and into a bigger place.  She took a deep breath, summoned every ounce of confidence, pinched her cheeks for that rosy glow of excitement and flung opened the door.
    She had no sooner stepped through the doorway when a heavy, musty bag was thrown over her  knocking her to the floor.  Their was some shuffling and mumblings on the other side of the bag and she was picked up and plopped down hard on a cold table.  She heard talking now and low chuckling.  The lab geek!  She could picture him with his obsessive hand wringing and creepy smile.  If this was his idea of a wedding joke…the little freak!  Well there was no way around it, as soon as they were married she’d make sure the little lab geek was history.   Her man didn’t need any friends now that he had her.  She began to feel very sleepy and despite her fury soon had fallen into a deep sleep.
    She could hear before she could open her eyes.  She heard voices….the lab geek and her man’s grunting.  He was here!  He wasn’t supposed to see her in her dress before the ceremony.  She’d give him a earful.  He knew how important this day was for her, he’d better not ruin it.  The little freak said something about the storm and it being almost time.  She began to come into her senses now, her vision still a little blurry.  She was standing…how was she standing and sleeping?  She tried to move but found herself stuck.  Anger shook the rest of the grogginess from her and she was fully aware now.  Bottles and beakers, and strange instruments that sparked and sputtered surrounded her.  From her left she could hear a zapping noise as something flashed.  Her head was firmly held to the board behind her, her arms and legs buckled tight.  The little lab geek shuffled by her, looking her straight in the eyes, something he’d never done before.  He placed his hand on an oversized leaver next to him, paused with a strange triumphant looking in his eyes, and pushed the leaver down with all of his might.  In one quick movement, the board behind her dropped down, pulling her with it as it became her bed.  She was being raised up, higher and higher until she was sure she’d hit the ceiling.  Just as she was bracing for impact, huge hinges on the roof groaned to life and two large shutters flipped open.  There was the black night sky, rain beating down on her, terrible white flashes of lighting.  The realization hit her as hard as the icy rain….images flooded her head.  His green cast skin, the mysterious scars, the weird metal bolts in the sides of his neck, his affinity for electrical outlets, he creepy lab geek friend.  She just wasn’t ready to commit to him. 
     There was a white flash and blackness again, total blackness.
     She could hear sounds again before she could see.
     “She’s alive!  She’s alive!”
     As her eyes began to focus she saw her man staring at her blankly.  The lab geek laughed maniacally in the background.  She felt strange, not quite like herself.  She guessed this was what it felt like to be married.  She didn’t remember the ceremony at all.  Oh well, she was sure it was nice.
She just hoped there was still some cake left. 

The Shocking Moment starts off with electric notes of rain and ozone, there is undertones of leather and dry wood, on a base of spice and smoked vanilla mixed with bridal flowers.  This is a very unique scent which dries down to a beautiful sweet, exotic vanilla mixed with florals and a hint of citrus from the ozone.
Notes of: amber, ozone, ice water, aged leather, dry woods, smoked vanilla, cardamom, moss, lily of the valley, cyclamen

2012 Fall and Winter Scents Release Tomorrow!
Tomorrow is the big day!  All the scents I've been revealing for the past 13 days will be available on my website.  Now I still have to physically add everything to the site so I'm anticipating being finished by late afternoon early evening if all goes as planned.  There will be a newsletter released to review all the new scents and announce their official arrival.   Thank you so much for joing me these last 13 days and for all the feedback and participation.

Also, the winner of the Commission a Scent contest will be announced tomorrow!  If you haven't entered, there still is a few more hours.  The winner will get a chance to create their very own Wylde Ivy scent!  You can enter here.

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