Friday, September 07, 2012

Big Reveal Party Day 4

A brand new scent reveal for today.  Scorched and all my other new scents will be available on September 17th.

There was nothing.  Nothing remained.  She looked out onto the vast blackness.  Her eyes burned cold yet deep within her something kindled.  The harder she stared, the hotter the burn grew within her.  This was not finished.  She would not let it be. 
Notes of: Roasted vanilla pods, dried moss, dewy lilies, cinnamon leaves, tonka beans, woods, clove, myrrh, sweet dry earth.  Scorched seems unassuming in the bottle.  On your skin, the cinnamon blooms, intensifies, and finally mellows to a spicy sweet wood base.

Don't forget to enter my little "Guess the Reformulated Scents contest.  You can find it here. Contest ends Sunday.

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