Monday, September 10, 2012

Big Reveal Party Day 7 - Three Scents are Back!

It's finally here!  Today I get to announce what previously discontinued Wylde Ivy scents will be making their comeback on the 17th!  These scents were hugely popular.  The only reason that they were even dropped was because key aroma components that I used to make them were discontinued by the manufacturers.  They were such a long time in the making, or I should say the remaking.  I fussed over these scents for so long, rebuilding them and in the end, creating even better scents. 

So, without further ado, may I present:

Black Cat No. 13
This has to be one of my most requested fragrances, and for good reason. I'm thrilled to offer it again.  Yes, this actually is the 13th version that I created.  Dark and secretive, seductive and elusive, the Black Cat mesmerizes all in it's path. A rich, fall inspired fragrance of black vanilla, exotic spices, white patchouli, and musk topped off with a hint of sugar dust and jasmine petals.  This new kitty is even richer and has more secrets then its predecessor.

I Heart Patchouli
I love patchouli, I really do.  Did you know that  patchouli can range from intensely earthy to mellow and smooth, with an almost creamy quality?  It all depends on the origin, age, and process of extraction.  Patchouli mellows and gets more well rounded with again.  I prefer the more mild, creamy side of Patchouli.   It is such an exquisite blender and base in fragrances.  I use it in many of my scents, but for this one, I wanted more.  I Heart Patchouli isn't a straight patchouli scent but rather a scent designed around patchouli. First I found a mellow but rich and smooth patchouli.  To that I added a light top note of jasmine and just the barest note of citrus to give to give the scent some lift.  Finally, I gave the scent a modern and sophisticated edge with an amber and musk base.  Now this is how I like my patchouli!

In the past, many customers and patchouli lovers requested this scent to have even more patchouli.  For now, I am offering this in two versions!  Mostly I couldn't decide between the two scents I created, so I will let you decide!  I Heart Patchouli will come in Lite and Amped versions.

I Heart Pachouli Lite
This scent is just as the name suggests this scent is lighter on the pachouli and has a more musk and amber prounced base.  This scent is mysterious and totally sexy.  This is a good scent if you are intregued, but a little afraid of patchouli or if you are just looking for a gorgeous, deep scent.

I Heart Patchouli Amped
As requested, now with even more patchouli!  A robust but sophisticated patchouli blend.  In this version, the patchouli is the star with the other notes acting as support. 

He Loves Me Not
Beautiful, haunting, sweet, and just a little dark.  My new version of He Loves Me Not is more sophisticated and well rounded than before.
The hazy summer day turns dark, clouds fill the once bright sky.  She takes shelter in the dark hollow beneath the old cluster of trees.  She loosens the grip on the flower in her hand as the last petal falls to the mossy forest floor...He Loves Me Not.
Notes of: Vanilla, Jasmine, Orchid, Dry Wood, and Black Musk.

Contest Winners
My girls had fun drawing the names from a jar.  After all the bouncing and excitement they clutched the little scraps of paper in their hands and wanted to know what they had won.  We discussed (again) that it was a contest for my customers to win some of the perfume that Mommy makes.  The easily relinquished their scraps of paper and bounced into the playroom to enthusiastically finish coloring their pictures.  Ah, to be four again.

Winner out of the Black Cat guesses: Beth M.
Winner out of the He Loves Me Not guesses: Sea Gypsy
Winner out of the I Heart Patchouli guesses: Kristina E.
Because I introduced a version of Aerial yesterday and because I wanted to have an even number for my girls to draw, I also did a drawing for the Aerial guesses!
Winner out of the Aerial guesses: Yuanting

Winners please contact me using the contact form on my website.  Give me your mailing address and let me know which scent you would like to try.  You can choose from any of my current scents or anything that I have announced!  Thanks for playing everyone.  I have another contest in the works so stay tuned!


Sea Gypsy said...

Yay! Triple Yay!!! One 'cause I won....woohooo!! And two & three because Black Cat & He Loves Me Not are back!! *doing a little happy dance here* Such wonderful news!! Thank you for making my Monday!! :)

Wylde Ivy said...

I'm happy that you're happy!!