Sunday, September 09, 2012

Big Reveal Party Days 5 and 6

So I accidentally took a day off yesterday.  I just couldn't get focused enough to get any work done.  So now you have two reveals in one tidy blog post!

Rustic Pumpkin
Sweet pumpkin custard topped with ginger, nutmeg, fresh grated cinnamon, and coarse sugar mingle with hints of dry woods, fall breezes, and just a touch of warm rum.

You loved this scent in a soap last year, now you can have it in your perfume and bath and body products as well!  I especially love this scent in the sugar scrub!  It is delicious. 

Blue Aerial
She always looked to the sky.  Dreams of floating, weightless. 
Something delicate, beautiful, and light as snow floating in clear December skies. 
Notes of: sheer white musk, gardenia, frosted violets, vanilla sugar, baby’s breath, soft amber, and whipped honey.

While I wasn’t intending to reformulate Aerial or even create a companion fragrance to it, Blue Aerial took on a life of its own and was born anyway.  Built upon Aerial’s ethereal, dreamy base of white floral and musk, Blue Aerial is subdued and sweetened just a touch with the addition of soft vanilla and frosted violets. 

Rustic Pumpkin and Blue Aerial will be available to order starting September 17th.  Tomorrow is a big day!  Tomorrow I announce what three long lost Wylde Ivy scents have been reformulated and are making a comeback.  I will also announce the winners to contest.  There is still time to enter!

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